Rory’s Story

Rory’s Story

Our condolences to the Speth family on the loss of their beloved boy Rory.  Elizabeth came to adopt a cute fawn puppy almost nine years ago.  They named him Rommel.  This was their first Great Dane.  We then adopted the other three littermates to new homes.  About 3 months later one of the puppies named Rory came back into Rescue.  His owners were having “issues” and chose not to keep Rory.  Being that Elizabeth is a friend of mine, I let her know Rommel’s brother was back and not happy in the kennel.  In fact, he snapped at one of the kennel girls, obviously very stressed.  Elizabeth raced over that day and put her arms around Rory and said he could come live with her family and his brother Rommel.  And there he spent almost nine years with his brother Rommel, in a wonderfully active, loving family.  On Rory’s last day, all the adult children came home so the entire family could spend the day with Rory, feeding him special foods, laying next to him (see photos below), and when the vet came to the home, all who loved him made his crossing as peaceful as it could be.  Rory spent his life surrounded by horses, cats, other dogs and most importantly, a very special family.  We thank the Speths for adopting Rory and giving him an extraordinary home.

Rest in peace sweet Rory.


rommelBrother Rommel pictured above.

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