Rest in Peace Sasha

Rest in Peace Sasha

Miss Lady Sasha Dane – 15 Dec 2005 – 19 Jan 2018

Our sincere condolences to Kathy Moraes for the loss of her beloved girl Sasha. Here is what Kathy wrote to us about Sasha’s passing:

“Sasha passed on due to complications from Degenerative Myelopathy – a condition in which affects the myelin sheath in the spine. 9 month ago diagnosed – these past 9 months walking slow though at a steady pace – helping her to maintain a healthy and happy mind and life – even in her condition – still enjoyed her morning sunshine – barking at the dogs in the neighborhood from her backyard – loving her numnums and rubdowns – as time was passing her DM was becoming more apparent. I could see her trying to maintain her demeanor and dignity – it all climaxed Friday afternoon collapsing in her backyard, collapsing on the grass – immediately taking her to the vet. She could barely walk – I held her in my arms and said farewell and I whispered little prayers – whispered in her ear I love you Sasha. “Ta” as I called her and touched her very softly behind her ears and God welcomed her into the kingdom of heaven.”

Kathy and her family gave Sasha such a wonderful life. You can see many photos of Sasha on our website. We are so sorry for your loss Kathy.

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