Aspen In Her New Home

Aspen In Her New Home

Long time adopter Dottie Poole sent us this nice note on the girl she adopted from our site as a Private Adoption:

Hope this finds you well. Wanted to give you an update on our girl. She is doing well. Setting in nicely. She still gets a bit crazy with other dogs but is much better. I don’t think she will ever fit in the doggy door. We were going to change it to a larger size but decided it was toooooooooo large. So she lets us know when she needs out. We will either board her or find someone to stay as we need to. We love her. She goes most places with us. She did loose weight but she will never be slim. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have her.

Love you guys”

We appreciate return customers! Thanks to Dottie for being such a great home to Great Danes.

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