Dog Wheelchair Needed

We got this request from Cherie, who adopted Luna from our organization:

“Do you know anyone who has a front support wheel chair for a great dane that we can rent for a few months? Or would you be able to recommend a reputable place that other Dane owners have used?

Luna’s been diagnosed with Angular Limb Disorder in both her front legs. Her legs started twisting at the start of June, our local vet told us that it was just a wonky growing stage. We decided to get a second opinion and it’s a good thing that we did.

We are scheduled for surgery this Saturday morning as the situation will escalate quickly if we don’t have a double ulnar osteotomy. Her elbows are currently in great shape, but the second they are compromised she’s no longer a surgical candidate. So we are forced to move quickly.

She will be able to bare weight on her legs after surgery however a wheelchair apparently will help with the recovery time. We won’t require the wheelchair for 3-4 weeks post surgery, but I thought I’d reach out before purchasing/renting any units just in the off chance you might have a connection that we can reach out to.

Help or advise on this one is appreciated. ”

Cherie Long
Mom of Luna the Great Dane

If anyone can assist Cherie, her email is

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