A Glowing Report On Newly Adopted Eva

A Glowing Report On Newly Adopted Eva

Many thanks to Bill Palajac for being so smart as to adopt a senior Great Dane! We know everyone wants to adopt a puppy, but we wanted to share with you Bill’s email to show the wisdom of considering a senior Great Dane.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for Eva.

Going into this adoption you knew I was a little tentative with Eva being 6 years old; i was worried she would just sleep through the day. Oh my, this is not the case. Eva is very active, full of life and has a wonderful loving personality. I think of her as a 30 year old person who is more strategic about their energy use rather than a young kid who is always on the go. She is always ready for a walk and so we’re taking her out a few times a day; she’s loving it!

The family who raised her did a great job training and socializing her. Eva is responsive to sit, stay, come, no, all the basics. We have a little work to do with heeling properly but she is so smart and attentive this will take no time to correct. She is not food, animal or people aggressive. She’s just all around awesome, although, i’ve learned to keep a small hand towel in my pocket for when she gives me kisses. She is a sloppy kisser.

Did i mention how smart she is? She taught us her signal for bathroom time AND she has one specific spot in the backyard where she likes to take care of her business.

She is incredible. We’re so happy and thankful we connected with you.”

Take care,

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