Happy Birthday Stevie!!

WONDERFUL photo of Stevie Cook celebrating her seventh birthday. Her parents, Glen and Gayle, always send us wonderful photos, but this takes the cake! (couldn’t resist) Here is what Gayle wrote to us on Stevie’s big day: “Our Stevie is seven years old today and she is in great shape. She loves running the trails (along with her Dane brother Bodie, of course) on our daily hikes and has perfected the skill of being a Gold Medal Couch Potato. Additionally, we think the grey hair around her eyes is quite stylish. She does too. She also loves sun bathing which is what she was up to when I took this photo. We are truly grateful to have these two Danes. Stevie has been a part of our family for over two years now. She and Bodie are such a joy to us. We are filled with gratitude to have them in our lives. Thank you GDRNC!!”

Again, we say WE are so lucky that Stevie and Bodie are in such a fantastic home. Thank you Glen and Gayle.

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