Sacramento Doggie Day Care

We usually don’t post information on businesses, but we are making an exception. Jim Simpson is a long time friend to our group, owning many Great Danes of his own, and providing wonderful foster care to dogs we have had come into our program that needed some extra TLC and evaluation. When Jim let us know he was starting his doggie day care business we offered to share this news with our friends! Jim is a dog knowledgeable, kind man whom we have trusted for years with the care of our fosters.

Announcing, Uncle Jim’s Canine Care

We all love and adore our precious canine companions. Often times the guilt and worry of leaving our precious ones alone for extended periods of time while we work can fill us with guilt and anxiety. Sometimes our little ones get bored, they can become destructive or get lonely.

At Uncle Jim’s Canine Companion Care, you can let go of all the angst and guilt that you may feel. Your little one can enjoy all the benefits of being fully supervised and engaged.Your dog will get the benefits of a full, active day and you get to enjoy a happy, well balanced pooped out pup.

Located in South Sacramento, off of Gerber near Walmart. Daycare is provided from my home, that has a large, well fenced back yard, so there’s plenty of place to play, play, play!

Call to check us out. Our daily rate of $20.00 per day with no minimums makes us an viable option for you and you beloved pet.

I absolutely love dogs. I’ve had a dog(s) of some sort the majority of my life. I’ve enjoyed the personalities of many different breeds as well. From Teeny Tiny, to Wow!, those are Great Danes!!, I’ve loved and cared for them all. Give us a try, and start enjoying a less stressful life, knowing that your precious one is being well cared for.

Contact: Jim at (415) 699-5640         Hours: Daily from 8:00am to 8:00pm

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