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You Can Be Pregnant and Own a Great Dane!

You Can Be Pregnant and Own a Great Dane!

We have SO many people contact us wanting to give up their Great Dane because they are expecting a baby and as we all know “you can’t have a baby and a Great Dane”. Or at least that is what most people seem to think. So we publish this cute little story and these great photos to tell you, it can be done!

Tony comes from a family that has a long history with our group. His parents, John and Tracy, were a long time foster care family and Tracy created our first website and managed it. So when Tony and Stephanie contacted us looking for a sister for their boy Baloo (they had lost their young girl Violet recently to a heart attack) we did not hesitate to place Opal with them, even though we knew they were expecting a baby soon. Fast forward a few weeks later and “Grandma Tracy” calls to say Stephanie ended up having an unexpected home birth with Tony delivering his son and the two Great Danes standing in the doorway watching!

Tracy says both dogs absolutely love the baby and all is going just fine. I guess this story disproves the myth that babies and Great Danes cant coexist in the same home!

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