Opal Update

Opal Update

Opal’s owner, Roberta Dishno, sent us this nice update on her girl Opal. Opal had some medical issues just after adoption, and Roberta and her husband were very nice in working with us to resolve these and not returning Opal! We appreciate their commitment to this sweet girl. Here is what Roberta wrote about Opal:

“I want to thank you for trusting us with Opal. I can’t believe it’s been almost 3 years. Opal has turned into one great dog that we take hiking, over to friends houses, and can introduce to other dogs. She still acts like a puppy but is starting to get some gray hairs in her face.

She’s become an only dog in the house and seems to enjoy it. We moved to Placerville on a few acres last year and she loves chasing lizards, squirrels and anything else that comes in our yard. She always seems to be happy and can put on the cutest face when it’s time for her walks (2nd photo is a view from my desk). We also discovered that she is a fan of my alma mater (Arizona State). She loves this ASU mascot pillow and carries/sleeps with it everywhere in the house.

Thanks again for all work that you and the team does at GDRNC! “

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