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Mr. Sampson Gets A Bath

Our own Doug and Peggy Peterson sent this video of their 10 1/2 year old Dane boy Sampson getting a bath. As Mr. Sampson has great difficulty walking or even standing these days, they came up with this idea on how Sampson could be bathed. Worth a watch!

Paradise Survivors

Paradise Survivors

Cheryl, who lived in Paradise, recently had adopted a Great Dane from us named Sage. Karen Martin contacted Cheryl when she heard about the tragedy in Paradise, to find out that Cheryl had lost her home to the fire and was staying with friends.

Cheryl, ever the resilient teacher, sent us this note and wonderful photos of Sage with her new friends in their temporary housing.

Here is what Cheryl wrote:

“Thank you both for offering to take Sage if I needed it. It’s great to know I have that option, but I think it will be easier on the dogs if we can stay together (as long as it is in a reasonable setting).

I found out today that I still have a job. Now I just have to deal with FEMA and the insurance company and find long-term housing. Meanwhile we are staying with a very dog-friendly family, and both my dogs are adjusting remarkably well. In fact the family likes my dogs so much they are now considering getting a great dane of their own.

Sage has been amazing–not at all as skittish as the dog I was expecting. She has also gained some weight and is eating well. I’ve attached a few pics so you can see for yourselves. The first is Sage and Rowdy with their new friend Trooper after a long day of playing. The second is Sage with her new friend Juliet.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. The whole community here has pulled together in amazing ways, but we have a long way to go.”

Our thoughts are definitely with Cheryl and her Dane children during this really tough time. We can only imagine what she is going through.

Luke Has Passed

Luke Has Passed

Our sincere condolences to Jim Simpson on the loss of his special boy Luke. You may remember we recently asked for help in finding a wheelchair for Luke. One of our members stepped up and brought him a wheelchair she used for her own Dane who had passed. Unfortunately, Luke just was not strong enough to keep going. Jim contacted us to let us know he had let Luke go.

Here is what Jim wrote to us:

“Luke’s pretend birthday was 02/14/2010 (Leya’s was 04/01/2010). He was such a love and I just feel empty without all of my babies. Luke passed very gently in my arms, very much ready and very much at peace.

He never once did a single thing wrong in his life time. No chewing shoes, no accidents, never once did he ever not do what I asked of him. Although it took a few years, he did recover from the abuse at the Mill. Although, I’m pretty sure that Leya bossed him out of that one.

Words will never describe how grateful I am to Lori Lynne for coming to our rescue. I am forever grateful to both of you.

I’ve attached a photo of Ben (my first rescue) as well as a photo of Luke and Leya in their favorite “Yin and Yang” position. And even though my girl bossed him around so much, they absolutely loved each other. Thank you for trusting me to adopt all three of my babies. I will never forget the experience of being guardian to each one of them.”

These three Danes were very lucky to have lived with Jim. A better Dad is not out there!

Please keep Jim in your thoughts during this difficult time.


(Luke and Leya)


Foster Care Needed – Private

Lola is a tgree year old Great Dane/Staffordshire terrier mix. Spayed, current on vaccinations and housebroken. Her owner has lost her job and her home and is currently living with relatives who do not want a big dog in their home, so she is desperate to find a temporary foster home for Lola.
She is skittish at first meeting new people, men especially or people with hats or sunglasses, but warms up once she gets comfortable. Slow intro to new people is a must. She wants to be an only child as she is not comfortable with new dogs. She currently lives with two other dogs but she has known them her whole life so all is good. So Lola would need a foster home with no other pets. She is very sweet with her people but as we said previously, would take some time to get comfortable with a new family.

If interested in finding out more about Lola or meeting her please contact her owner Carly at (909) 496-9641.

What A WONDERFUL Dane Community We Have!!

Thank you to all the special Dane people who responded to our post about a wonderful man who needed a wheelchair for his elderly Great Dane.

Our own Lori Lynne Todd stepped up and delivered the wheelchair she and Eric used for their beloved Priscilla prior to her passing. Lori Lynne called and said she would deliver the chair the next day and we put her in touch with Jim who was so happy and grateful.

Please keep Jim and Luke in your thoughts during this time. I can’t imagine living alone while undergoing hospice care with an elderly Great Dane. But Jim is committed to keeping his most loved boy Luke with him as long as he can.

Sage Update

Sage Update

Sage’s owner Cheryl, sent us this update on how Sage is doing in her new home:

“age is fitting in just great! Rowdy is so much happier and Sage seems happy too. I don’t think she is nearly as shy as described. She is responsive, playful and willing to explore. She is also fine with the cat (who runs the house)

Here are a few updates on Sage’s progress:

1) I took the Sage and Rowdy together for a short drive last night. Sage couldn’t wait to get into the car. Colleen had mentioned that one of her previous family’s complaints was that she wouldn’t get into the car. So far it hasn’t been a problem here, and the dogs were fine together.

2) When my daughter’s boyfriend came over, Sage was shy for about a minute before she ended up in his lap.

3) I did have to replace my TV remote. (Shame on me for leaving it out for a puppy to chew!) At least she didn’t swallow any of it, and I learned my lesson.

Thank you for allowing us to adopt this sweet dog.”


Magnus’s One Year Anniversary

Magnus’s One Year Anniversary

Elaine Hearney sent us this cute photo of her boy Magnus with this nice note:

‘Magnus has been with us for one year and is a delight! The best dog we have ever had. Thank you.’

We thank Elaine for giving Magnus a wonderful home!

Athena In Her New Home

Athena In Her New Home

We got this adorable photo of Athena from her new owner Annie and had to post it. Thanks to Annie for adopting Athena! She obviously is happy!

“We are absolutely loving Athena and she makes a great addition to our family. We are so pleased she could find her forever home with us. I am including a picture of her being silly at doggie daycare with one of her smaller friends in the background.

Thanks for all your help!

Happy Birthday Benjamin Button Bleu!

Happy Birthday Benjamin Button Bleu!

Kathy Moraes, long time Dane owner and adopter from Rescue, sent us these photos of her big blue boy on his second birthday along with this narrative:

“He’s happy He is love

He is 2 today

As healthy as a family could hope for
… Benjamin he is full of spirit & light …. tranquil of heart…. playful pup …
Following Ma wherever I go… plays with Pop near everyday… loves the morning sun just like Sasha… standing where she always stood …
we love this boy of ours. He is our lives & loves reflection…

In 7 months how he has grown … blossomed like a giant sunflower…. his face ever facing the sun … a dog who loves life… loves being around children & people of all ages…. all animals … gentle patient & sound & balanced of nature & heart…

he was meant to share our heart and love….”

Kathy and Joe are the best. We feel lucky to have had them adopt from us over the years.

All In The Family – Dane Edition

All In The Family – Dane Edition

We received this cute photo from Jill Gutzman in Reno who had adopted two Dane girls from Karen. Here is what she wrote:

“Hi! My mother in law, Maxine, visited with her beautiful girl, Gracie (previously Ruby). The girls all got along and played so well. All these gorgeous danes were adopted from none other than the Northern CA Great Dane Rescue. What fun! We love our girls.”