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Mindy At Ten

Mindy At Ten

Joe and Jessica Thomas sent us these wonderful photos of their girl Mindy. Joe and Jessica adopted Mindy as a young puppy and now she is ten years old! The Thomas’s are long time rescue Dane owners. We hope Mindy has many more years with her family.

Stevie and Bodie

Stevie and Bodie

Stevie just celebrated her second anniversary of her adoption by Gayle and Glen Cook. Here is what Gayle wrote:

“Today (April 10th) is the second anniversary of our adoption of Stevie. She has become an angel of a girl. She is incredibly loving and sweet. We absolutely adore our girl. We thank our lucky stars that you gave her to us.”

We so appreciate the Cooks adopting Stevie, who was not in such great shape when she came into our organization.

Second photo is of Bodie, Stevie and the Cook’s grandson, Larsen, and his Rhodesian Ridgeback enjoying some couch time. The Ridgeback and four grandchildren were visiting for a week so there was a full house!

Benjamin Button Blue

Benjamin Button Blue

Here is the narrative Kathy Moraes, loving Mom to BBB, wrote to us:

April 2008
I looked on GDRNC page  & adopted Sascha in April 2008 as you know., she passed on in January of 2018 at the age of 12 shared near 10 yrs … we grew as one together .. giving her life before she found us she was a strong dominating no just energy abound that needed outlet and substance over what Sasha endured her  broken life & heart you could see this as clear as day but this heart was willing to be mended with steadfast dedication on both parts we carried her through this tough time and stood together side by side … my Lady Dane Sasha… 

4 months had passed since Sashas departure to Heaven  …

Its April 2018 …I visited GDRNC one morning 

After upon waking my husband mentioned to me are you going to look at the Great Dane page today & I replied sure at the time except this morning the night before I menyioned its funny you mentioned this today as I had a very peculiar dream 
he replied what was your dream

I replied they were with  Great Danes and this was all sky blue with great danes on the other side on a grassy Shore white clouds about Km standing on a big white fluffy one not falling through 
On the other side Danes calling out to me barkkng gently not excitedly and hrre I am knowing I’m one that does not know how to swim in my dreams Im realizing this

my heart I remembered in my dream I had to get across this vast opening of blue as the many Danes  were calling out to me I felt as though they needed me now and I needed to find a way and so I looked down and there in my hand and I see tiny formed  rain clouds in my hand  I felt I needed to throw these rain clouds across the this vast blue sky 

Suddenly they began making water raing profusely filling the sky you could hear thunder cracking loud the Danes weren’t afraid or excited they were romping and playing near a large car or SUV … I found this well a little weird but left it at that

so now Im making rain enough to fill the open blue sky and soon making this  open blue sky an  ast deep crystal clear sparkling ocean 

now a way to get across to the Danes on the other side of the shore so in a moment without thinking I jump into the water knowing that I could fall through down to the Earth I could see earth below this somehow did not matter to me I remember my faith was solidified that I would not fall through so I kept swimming across this clear open Blue Ocean Sky …
And I get to the other side where they greet me happily on the shore they all greet me with kisses and affection there’s much more to the dream but I thought that I would share this with you I have not shared this with anybody else except for Joseph so if you please not share this online
The blue in the dream was a sign from God or maybe even Sasha … as the Great Danes on the other side of that shore were Harlequin and 3 black young natural Danes  like Sasha …

My husband leaves for work I go online I go to the page

there he was …

The Moment I Saw Sebastian’s picture I read his story and felt the same  in my heart as when I saw Sascha … I cried wept and said to his picture on the screen as though he were right in front of me … 

Im taking you home 
I said the same thing to Sascha when I saw her on the page April of 2008

meant to be a moment fate …

As sure as you know the sun shines … I knew in my heart I was going to take Benjamin home …

I called you and arranged for a time and the rest well he’s laying right here beside me he follows me to bed every night and is there when I wake up in the morning

We brought Benjamin home April 11th 2018 and I remember you regarding how big he was standing next to me …
Here I am & remember thinking as I said to you Colleen I do not see his size… I see his heart and whats inside … .

he shares our heart as one as much as any family member a reflection of our love …
I often say this to Joseph you can never love too much

Benjamin his personality has opened up and shines brighter than the sun he flourishesenjoys life fun squeak toys his bee bear car rides belly rubs his even with Pops and sharing a pillow with Ma …

Spring has returned and so  we will all return Outdoors 

You more than anyone I thank for the precious gifts  & contributions you give to the Community Life Humanity Family 

…Great Danes … I look at you and I see an angel and Betty Thomas God Rest her soul in Heaven guiding Great Danes the people 
what GDRNC all of you contribute & bring to families the community what all have you returned and give … 

I thank you  from the bottom of my heart …  

GDRNC you give Danes a voice  their place in the world … where others have either given up on them or their familys illness or loss has contributed to their current situation…

in the 26 years since we first joined life with great danes 
All my life with dogs has many ages from newborn to Seniors some ok others with autoimmune conditions or terminal illness all shapes ages sizes & colors tempermants from quiet to down right couldn’t find their place in the world mixed breeds … Cocker Spaniels  Labs Dobermans Chihuahuas tiny Poodles n ShitzusSome found some came from puppy Farms  some inherited all family
Loving and learning from them and for them  …

Love the Furparents Joseph & Kathy Moraes
Mr Benjamin Button Bleu 

Cole and Maddie

They’re still a loving pair. Although they may have faint, fond memories of Reno in foster care with Karen, they are sure loving their life in Santa Cruz with Steve and Donna.

Julia Has New Photos

Julia Has New Photos

Some very nice photos of Julia were just posted on her page on our website. Check her out!



Riley, the official greeter at Barr Estate Winery in Paso Robles, had a visitor/wine taster bend down to meet her and she promptly turned around and sat on his lap. Just the best ambassador of the breed! Thanks to Tealy Barr for sending us this photo. If you are in the wine tasting mood, don’t forget to visit Barr Estate Winery and meet Riley. I recommend their Dane Head Wine (great for gift giving to your fellow Dane enthusiasts).

Gorgeous Bodie!

Gorgeous Bodie!

Thanks to Gayle and Glen for always keeping us updated on their rescued children. Bodie was adopted as a older puppy by Gayle and Glen and recently they had some issues with his behavior. Instead of giving up, they dealt with it and are committed to having their Bodie with them. Great owners!

Zeus! What A Dog!

Zeus!  What A Dog!

Zeus Rules The Bed!

Zeus Rules The Bed!

Obviously feeling right at home, Zeus graciously lets his new owner have a small space on the bed. Danes rule!

Sabrina In Her New Home

Sabrina In Her New Home

Lucky Sabrina is relaxing now that she has wonderful new Dads to cherish her!