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In Memory of Olympia

In Memory of Olympia

Melissa wrote to us this sweet note to let us know of the passing of her beloved Olympia. Here is what she wrote to us:
“We adopted Olympia as a private adoption advertised on GDRNC website. She was about 5 1/2 years old when we got her and she passed six years later on 8/12/17. We knew she was a special soul the moment we met her. LOVE. We adopted another Dane vis a friend three years ago – a one year old harlequin Dane mix called Ruby – Ruby gave Olympia renewed life and joy for the last three years. Ruby definitely misses Olympia just like us!”

The happy ending to this tribute is that Melissa and her husband Don just came and adopted “Hank” from us last week. So now Ruby has a friend again!

Goodbye to Sweet Marble

Goodbye to Sweet Marble

Our condolences to Cheryl and her daughter on the loss of their special girl Marble. Here is what Cheryl wrote to us about Marble:
“As a long time owner of many Great Danes, I had decided not to start with a puppy, but rather consider fostering rescues with Colleen. When Colleen called me in October 2012 to say that a harlequin female was coming in, I met her at the photo shoot directly following her spay, so the Dane was a little loopy. When I got her home I knew right away I would not be able to hand her back over, so I contacted Colleen to arrange for her adoption. We named her Marble for obvious reasons, and she was by far one of the best dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of having as a part of my family. She was well behaved, loving, and enjoyed living on acreage, becoming friends with my horses. In March in noticed a tumor and brought her to Dr. Alex at Loomis Basin Vet Clinic. Directly following surgery, the prognosis was not good as it had metastasized to other areas of her body. Dr. Alex only gave her about a month longevity until she would need to be put down due to pain associated with the cancer, but Marble continued to have good quality of life for another two months, until the sad day came on May 24th when she let me know she was ready. She will be forever loved and missed by my daughter and I, who continue to remember her lovingly as she deserved.”

Thank you to Cheryl for writing this touching tribute.

Don’t Forget The Barbecue!

Just a reminder of our “donation barbecue” this coming Sunday, Sept 10th at the Beer Revolution in Oakland. (Details on our site). Our photographer Doug Peterson will be there to take photos of you and your Dane or just your Dane! We have rescue t-shirts to give away and some free stuff (collars, hats, misc. dog stuff). Weather should be nice, so come and hang out with other Dane loving people and if you haven’t adopted from us, this is a good chance to meet Danes that have come through Rescue and meet the people who were kind enough to adopt them.

Dog Cart Available

Rose contacted us to tell us her Great Dane no longer used his cart and was hoping another Dane owner might have a need. If you have a Dane who can benefit from this cart, please contact Rose at (805) 450-4523, she is in the Grass Valley area. Cart was purchased from and is a adjustable for each individual dog.

Throwback Thursday!

Who is that cute young man with his fawn Great Dane? Non other than our own Doug Peterson, photographer extraordinaire of our group. Doug is shown with “Duke” in 1957. Great photo!

Donation Barbecue Date Change

We finally realized our original scheduled date for this event was Labor Day weekend! Obviously that wouldn’t have worked so we have moved the event to September 10th, Sunday. We hope to see Danes and their owners on the 10th!

Throwback Thursday Post (even though it is Friday….)

Katie Stowe sent me this great 1973 photo of her and her first Great Dane. I have been meaning to post it on a Thursday and title it “Throwback Thursday”, but I always seem a day late. So what the heck, I am just posting it today and you all please just pretend it is Thursday and enjoy this cute photo. Also see the other posts of “General” who is Katie’s 6/12 year old boy she adopted from us. What a great dog he is!

General who seems to love just about anyone!

Violet and Balou and Tony too!

Tony Rovegno sent these great photos of his kids, Violet and Balou. Violet was adopted as a puppy from us (one of the very few we ever get in) and then Tony came back for Balou. Quite a blue matched set! Come meet Tony and Violet at the donation barbecue on September 3rd. e!

“Donation Barbecue”

Great Dane Rescue of Northern California is having a “donation barbecue” on Sunday, September 10th 2 pm to 5 pm. The wonderful owners of Beer Revolution in Oakland (464 3rd Street between third and Broadway in the Jack London Square area) have chosen us to be their charity of choice for September 3rd. They routinely host donation barbecues to benefit local charities. An employee of Beer Revolution and former all around wonderful foster care person Josie Rovegno nominated us. This establishment is dog friendly, and has a nice outside patio where dogs and their owners can mingle, eat barbecue and (hopefully) donate to Rescue. Many types of beers available for purchase, as well as soft drinks. Parking is easy, Sunday’s are “free meter” days and there is also a parking garage a block away. So if you have nothing to do on September 10th and want to come meet rescued Great Danes and the people who have adopted them, swap stories with other adopters, or just come support our organization, you are welcome. Hope to see you there! Free t-shirts and other dog/Dane stuff! Any questions, please email Colleen at

Ellie and Stella

Here are two cute photos sent to us by Jill and here is what she said: “The girls have settled in and seem happy. We are certainly happy. They are good through the night and they play during the day. They love to choose from the toy basket. Jack loves that they like to play. He’s never seen two big dogs play and jump around like they do. So glad now I did not separate them. They get along so well. It melts everyone’s heart to see Stella rest her head on Ellie when they are relaxing. Pretty sweet.”