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Searching High and Low!

Searching High and Low!

 Daisy is still looking for a forever home. We’re dumbfounded that this sweet girl is still with us. They say good things happen for those who wait but seriously?!?She was recently introduced with a cat and was curious. Once the cat arched it’s back, Daisy being a smart girl, kept her distance. Please got to website to our adoptable page and read about Daisy. She’s an easy breezy covergirl.



Charlie is shown riding home after her spay. She told me her mouth felt very empty, and she was not sure why. (After ten minutes of her tongue hanging out, I had to gently put it back in her mouth. Anesthesia still lingering!)

Doug and Peggy Will Be Home Soon!

Doug and Peggy Will Be Home Soon!

Our official rescue photography team, Doug and Peggy Peterson, are on the last leg of their two month European vacation. Here they are in Prague. We are glad they had a great time, but look forward to their return so they can get to work photographing our Rescue Danes! We missed them!

Sacramento Doggie Day Care

We usually don’t post information on businesses, but we are making an exception. Jim Simpson is a long time friend to our group, owning many Great Danes of his own, and providing wonderful foster care to dogs we have had come into our program that needed some extra TLC and evaluation. When Jim let us know he was starting his doggie day care business we offered to share this news with our friends! Jim is a dog knowledgeable, kind man whom we have trusted for years with the care of our fosters.

Announcing, Uncle Jim’s Canine Care

We all love and adore our precious canine companions. Often times the guilt and worry of leaving our precious ones alone for extended periods of time while we work can fill us with guilt and anxiety. Sometimes our little ones get bored, they can become destructive or get lonely.

At Uncle Jim’s Canine Companion Care, you can let go of all the angst and guilt that you may feel. Your little one can enjoy all the benefits of being fully supervised and engaged.Your dog will get the benefits of a full, active day and you get to enjoy a happy, well balanced pooped out pup.

Located in South Sacramento, off of Gerber near Walmart. Daycare is provided from my home, that has a large, well fenced back yard, so there’s plenty of place to play, play, play!

Call to check us out. Our daily rate of $20.00 per day with no minimums makes us an viable option for you and you beloved pet.

I absolutely love dogs. I’ve had a dog(s) of some sort the majority of my life. I’ve enjoyed the personalities of many different breeds as well. From Teeny Tiny, to Wow!, those are Great Danes!!, I’ve loved and cared for them all. Give us a try, and start enjoying a less stressful life, knowing that your precious one is being well cared for.

Contact: Jim at (415) 699-5640         Hours: Daily from 8:00am to 8:00pm

Happy Birthday Stevie!!

WONDERFUL photo of Stevie Cook celebrating her seventh birthday. Her parents, Glen and Gayle, always send us wonderful photos, but this takes the cake! (couldn’t resist) Here is what Gayle wrote to us on Stevie’s big day: “Our Stevie is seven years old today and she is in great shape. She loves running the trails (along with her Dane brother Bodie, of course) on our daily hikes and has perfected the skill of being a Gold Medal Couch Potato. Additionally, we think the grey hair around her eyes is quite stylish. She does too. She also loves sun bathing which is what she was up to when I took this photo. We are truly grateful to have these two Danes. Stevie has been a part of our family for over two years now. She and Bodie are such a joy to us. We are filled with gratitude to have them in our lives. Thank you GDRNC!!”

Again, we say WE are so lucky that Stevie and Bodie are in such a fantastic home. Thank you Glen and Gayle.

Donated Cancer Medications

>Katie Knight wrote to us letting us know she has medications to donate to a Great Dane who could use them. Here is what she wrote:

(Contact her at this email address if interested. >

>” I wanted to reach out on the off-chance that you knew anyone whose Danes may be suffering from TCC or other carcinomas.
> We have two bottles (probably 200 tablets) of Piroxicam, a pretty common (and unfortunately, SPENDY treatment). This is enough to treat a Dane for close to two months. Anyway, thought we could send them to someone in need if you knew of anyone treating their Danes with this prescription. We filled the prescription right before Norman’s passing in 2017. The pills are good through 12/19. “

Thank you Katie for your generous offer to help another Dane in need.


Winston is STILL looking for a wonderful new home. This is a very sweet dog who unfortunately isn’t the male supermodel of Great Danes. But he has a great personality! Take a second look!

Bodhi’s Trainer Information

After Gayle Cook wrote about her experience with her Great Dane Bodhi, and how a trainer really helped with his issues, many people asked for the name of the trainer. Here is the information Gayle provided us:

NexGen K9, Rob Peladeau (Behaviorist/Trainer and Owner), (415) 496-9787 or Website:

Rest in Peace sweet Brooklyn

Rest in Peace sweet Brooklyn
Brooklyn with her family

Alyssa and Ben adopted the sweetest Brooklyn from us several years ago. We received this note from them this week letting us know of Brooklyn’s passing. Our sincere condolences to Ben, Alyssa and Charlie on the loss of their wonderful family member, Brooklyn. She was one lucky girl to have such a loving family.

I was lucky enough to adopt Brooklyn from you about three years ago. Unfortunately, I’m e-mailing to let you know that she passed away last week. She was diagnosed with a heart condition about a month ago. She responded well to medication initially, but soon began to suffer. We were with her as she passed and it was very quiet and peaceful. Our hearts ache for her – she became a part of our family immediately, and it feels likes she was with us much longer than three years. Early last year, we welcomed a baby girl named Charlie and Brooklyn became a big sister. She was so loving and patient with Charlie. Always hanging out underneath her high chair, waiting to clean up any left over peas. 
She was such a sweet, goofy girl. So easy going and lovable. To say she will be missed is a huge understatement. We are so lucky to have the time with her that we did and we’ll always treasure our memories with her.   

Thank you and GDRNC so much for everything you do, and allowing sweet Brooklyn into our lives. 

Barr Estate Winery

Thanks to Tealy and Greg Barr, owner-operators of Barr Estate Winery in Paso Robles, for sending another nice donation to Rescue from the sales of their “Dane Head” wine. Tealy and Greg, adoptors themselves, always think of Rescue and give a portion of the sales of the Dane Head wine to Rescue.

If you are looking for a fun Father’s Day wine tasting trip, check out their winery in Paso Robles and enjoy a bottle of Dane Head!