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Charlie (formerly Spike) update

Charlie (formerly Spike) update

“Adoption” photo of Charlie and part of his new family, the Brocatos. We are so happy Charlie found a great, loving new home. They are working on teaching him some house manners, and we appreciate them being willing to work with this sweet boy.

Next photo is Charlie trying to sleep with someone snuggling against him. I’m sure Charlie is thanking his lucky stars he is home!

Dory (formerly Dolly) update

Dory (formerly Dolly) update

Here is a nice update on Dory from her owner Maureen:

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“Dory is doing great. She and I are close friends. Dory is getting better around Gary and makes sure to get a pet from him each night but still skitters away half the time when he tries to pet her any other time. Ryan on the other hand is still working hard to gain her trust. Even though he gives Dory a treat every day she still jumps away from him whenever she sees him. She does take the treat now so that’s a little progress.

When we go for our twice daily walks she runs and runs so I guess she likes the open spaces.

Gary welded a special eating and watering station so we’ve gotten over her not eating. Maybe it was the enclosed porch that bothered her. As soon as we moved feeding to the side porch outside she was fine.

All in all Dory is doing fine although we have to work on her shying away from everyone.”

Merry Christmas with love,


Tank Ready for Santa

Thanks to Jessica Robnett for sending this photo of her boy Tank.  Besides the red bow, he borrowed Jess’s red lipstick and lined his lips to make himself even MORE attractive to Santa!   He went the extra mile to impress.

Athena Update

Athena Update

Thanks to Annie for sending us this update on her girl Athena and the cute photos.  Here is what Annie wrote:

“I am attaching two pictures of Athena enjoying the Christmas decorations. She has adjusted so well to our house and now knows it is her house too! She is so smart and funny and surprises us with something silly everyday. We could not ask for a better dog. She is also doing very well with our niece and nephew, who are 3 and are always so excited to see her. She is a happy, healthy, and confident companion.

She has taken up a habit of barking at new people, but seems to adjust relatively quickly once she is used to new people in her space. We are trying to help her with this. She goes to daycare during the week and we get reports that she is a joy to have and gets along with all the dogs. We are so happy and she continues to be more than we could have hoped for. Everyone in our family absolutely loves her. We wish you all a happy holidays and a wonderful new year!!”

Annie and Jesse

Emerson and his new friend ZuZu

Emerson and his new friend ZuZu

Looking for Christmas Photos!

If you have adopted from us and have a cute Christmas photo of your Dane please send it in and we will post it on our website.

Also check our website for some sweet Christmas photos from past years.

Foster Care Needed – Private

Lola is a tgree year old Great Dane/Staffordshire terrier mix. Spayed, current on vaccinations and housebroken. Her owner has lost her job and her home and is currently living with relatives who do not want a big dog in their home, so she is desperate to find a temporary foster home for Lola.
She is skittish at first meeting new people, men especially or people with hats or sunglasses, but warms up once she gets comfortable. Slow intro to new people is a must. She wants to be an only child as she is not comfortable with new dogs. She currently lives with two other dogs but she has known them her whole life so all is good. So Lola would need a foster home with no other pets. She is very sweet with her people but as we said previously, would take some time to get comfortable with a new family.

If interested in finding out more about Lola or meeting her please contact her owner Carly at (909) 496-9641.

What A WONDERFUL Dane Community We Have!!

Thank you to all the special Dane people who responded to our post about a wonderful man who needed a wheelchair for his elderly Great Dane.

Our own Lori Lynne Todd stepped up and delivered the wheelchair she and Eric used for their beloved Priscilla prior to her passing. Lori Lynne called and said she would deliver the chair the next day and we put her in touch with Jim who was so happy and grateful.

Please keep Jim and Luke in your thoughts during this time. I can’t imagine living alone while undergoing hospice care with an elderly Great Dane. But Jim is committed to keeping his most loved boy Luke with him as long as he can.

Magnus’s One Year Anniversary

Magnus’s One Year Anniversary

Elaine Hearney sent us this cute photo of her boy Magnus with this nice note:

‘Magnus has been with us for one year and is a delight! The best dog we have ever had. Thank you.’

We thank Elaine for giving Magnus a wonderful home!

All In The Family – Dane Edition

All In The Family – Dane Edition

We received this cute photo from Jill Gutzman in Reno who had adopted two Dane girls from Karen. Here is what she wrote:

“Hi! My mother in law, Maxine, visited with her beautiful girl, Gracie (previously Ruby). The girls all got along and played so well. All these gorgeous danes were adopted from none other than the Northern CA Great Dane Rescue. What fun! We love our girls.”