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Mr. Sampson and LuLu

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August 15, 2018

Assume the position! Ready……Set…..PLAY!!

Thanks to Jill Guntzman for either being really lucky or a master dog handler who was able to shoot these great photos!

Baloo (formerly Jameson)

Baloo (formerly Jameson)

July 26, 2018

New owner Kim Smith Martinez send this nice note and cute photos of her big blue boy.

“Here are some new pics of Baloo (formerly Jameson). He is a big love and makes me laugh every day. We are at the beach nearly daily, he makes friends wherever he goes. I’m so very grateful for him. Just wanted to give you an update 😊”

Logan – Therapy Dog?

Logan – Therapy Dog?

July 23, 2018

Nice note and cute photos of special boy Logan!

“I am so excited I just had to share with you. As you know I have turn Logan into quite the social butterfly! We go to the bank, post office and have now been to the local Police station to visit.

When we were at the bank last week this women ran up to me and said here I had these business cards made up just for you! Our local non profit organization wants to know if you would be interested in joining our Pet Therapy Team with Logan? We see you walk him all over Auburn and everyone knows about Logan! He would be perfect. He will need to go through their certification program in order to get his big blue vest but will be a therapy dog! Who the heck ever knew I would do this with him?

They would have us go to assisting living facilities, retirement homes, and god for bid a tragic event happens (like school shooting) they would have therapy dogs brought in.

I think he is ready, we have some issues but more that will come with maturity than bad behavior. But we’re going to give it a try.

Just couldn’t wait to share with you! Thank you for this beautiful big boy, he has really changed my life and so much for the better!!”

Laura McNicholas

ps. pics are Logan at the police station and his local bank buddy Christine.

A Glowing Report On Newly Adopted Eva

A Glowing Report On Newly Adopted Eva

July 21, 2018

Many thanks to Bill Palajac for being so smart as to adopt a senior Great Dane! We know everyone wants to adopt a puppy, but we wanted to share with you Bill’s email to show the wisdom of considering a senior Great Dane.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for Eva.

Going into this adoption you knew I was a little tentative with Eva being 6 years old; i was worried she would just sleep through the day. Oh my, this is not the case. Eva is very active, full of life and has a wonderful loving personality. I think of her as a 30 year old person who is more strategic about their energy use rather than a young kid who is always on the go. She is always ready for a walk and so we’re taking her out a few times a day; she’s loving it!

The family who raised her did a great job training and socializing her. Eva is responsive to sit, stay, come, no, all the basics. We have a little work to do with heeling properly but she is so smart and attentive this will take no time to correct. She is not food, animal or people aggressive. She’s just all around awesome, although, i’ve learned to keep a small hand towel in my pocket for when she gives me kisses. She is a sloppy kisser.

Did i mention how smart she is? She taught us her signal for bathroom time AND she has one specific spot in the backyard where she likes to take care of her business.

She is incredible. We’re so happy and thankful we connected with you.”

Take care,

Kaba (formerly Sophia) In Her New Home

Kaba (formerly Sophia) In Her New Home

July 14, 2018

Kaba’s new owner, Marissa, sent us this note about her new girl:

“A quick Pupdate for you!
Sophia now goes by the name Kaba!
Her and Nagi are besties although they don’t get to play right now since she just got spayed. She sleeps in bed with me and my other girl I’m really glad I got a bigger bed so they both fit lol. She goes with me everywhere everyday and sure does enjoy a pupappuccino from Starbucks with mom after her walkies. She’s taking all the other animals in stride doesn’t seem to phase her at all. She’s a real trooper I have to say and my parents say she’s clicked with me almost Instantly, she is never far from my side that’s for sure. I will continue to let you guys know how she develops, and evolves with me ❤️ thank you for finding me my best friend couldn’t have picked or found a greater Dane than her.”

Dog Wheelchair Needed

July 13, 2018

We got this request from Cherie, who adopted Luna from our organization:

“Do you know anyone who has a front support wheel chair for a great dane that we can rent for a few months? Or would you be able to recommend a reputable place that other Dane owners have used?

Luna’s been diagnosed with Angular Limb Disorder in both her front legs. Her legs started twisting at the start of June, our local vet told us that it was just a wonky growing stage. We decided to get a second opinion and it’s a good thing that we did.

We are scheduled for surgery this Saturday morning as the situation will escalate quickly if we don’t have a double ulnar osteotomy. Her elbows are currently in great shape, but the second they are compromised she’s no longer a surgical candidate. So we are forced to move quickly.

She will be able to bare weight on her legs after surgery however a wheelchair apparently will help with the recovery time. We won’t require the wheelchair for 3-4 weeks post surgery, but I thought I’d reach out before purchasing/renting any units just in the off chance you might have a connection that we can reach out to.

Help or advise on this one is appreciated. ”

Cherie Long
Mom of Luna the Great Dane

If anyone can assist Cherie, her email is cherielong@hotmail.ca

Happy Birthday Stevie!

Happy Birthday Stevie!

July 13, 2018

Stevie just turned six years old on June 29th. Her doting Mom and Dad, Glen and Gayle Cook,of course threw her a party, complete with hat. Stevie came into rescue in bad shape, a sweet stray whom no one claimed. After spaying her, docking her tail, and trying to put some weight on her, Glen and Gayle came and adopted her into their family. Later, adding brother Bodie to the mix.

Happy Birthday Stevie! You deserve the wonderful life you now enjoy.



June 24, 2018

Gorgeous photo of Stevie. Thanks to Gayle and Glen for always sending great photos!

Skinny Clifford

Skinny Clifford

May 12, 2018

He got that name because he was one of the skinniest, most long legged young Danes we ever had in.

Sherri saw past that and adopted him anyway!

Riley – Wine Ambassador

Riley – Wine Ambassador

May 11, 2018

Beautiful Riley lives with the Barr family at their winery, the Barr Estate winery (barrestatewine.com) in Paso Robles. She is the un-official “welcoming party of one” to guests at the winery. The Barr family is Riley’s fourth home. Just goes to show that you can’t judge a dog by the number of homes he/she has had.

Here is what Tealy wrote to us when she sent us these photos:

“Here are some photos of Riley. These were taken by some wine club members during their visit. Riley loves people and the attention she gets! She really is the sweetest Dane we have ever had. Thanks again for allowing her to come home with me!”