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Mr. Sampson and LuLu

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September 21, 2017

Photo of Emerson and mom Despina who attended our Donation Barbecue with husband John (not pictured). Thanks to Despina and John for providing Emerson a great home!

Michael and Blakes’ Grand Adventures

Michael and Blakes’ Grand Adventures

September 12, 2017

So nice to see the wonderful life that some rescued Great Danes now have! Thank you Michael for taking Blake everywhere with you.

Donation Barbecue Reminder

September 9, 2017

Save the Date! Tomorrow, September 10th is our donation barbecue at the Beer Revolution, 464 3rd Street in Oakland in the Jack London Square area. Photographer Doug Peterson will be there to take photos of you and your dogs and we have free rescue tee shirts and other dog/Dane stuff to give away. Framed pencil Dane drawings done by the late Betty Thomas as well as a signed, limited edition (with certificate of authenticity) Great Dane print will be given away too. Collars, harnesses, dog bones, etc. Come and have lunch courtesy of the Beer Revolution, mingle with other Dane lovers, meet some Danes that have been adopted through Rescue and in general have fun. Weather is forecasted to be 72 degrees, which makes me SO happy. Event on the patio outside, come drop in anytime between 2 pm and 5pm and stay as long as you like. Any questions, my cell is 916 208-8444. Hope to see you there. Colleen (Parking meters are free on Sunday)

Princess Stevie (formerly Sabrina)

Princess Stevie (formerly Sabrina)

September 8, 2017

Stevie’s Mom, Gayle, sent these photos of her princess! What a view! To remind you all, Stevie was found as a stray in horrible condition. The Cook family saw past that and adopted her and now Stevie obviously has upgraded her environment! That is the wonderful thing about Rescue. Stevie comes into our group with a tail that had to be amputated, filthy dirty, un-spayed and generally not cared for. Now she is living the life and is a cherished girl. We don’t call her Princess for nothing!

Throwback Thursday!

August 24, 2017

Who is that cute young man with his fawn Great Dane? Non other than our own Doug Peterson, photographer extraordinaire of our group. Doug is shown with “Duke” in 1957. Great photo!

Throwback Thursday Post (even though it is Friday….)

August 18, 2017

Katie Stowe sent me this great 1973 photo of her and her first Great Dane. I have been meaning to post it on a Thursday and title it “Throwback Thursday”, but I always seem a day late. So what the heck, I am just posting it today and you all please just pretend it is Thursday and enjoy this cute photo. Also see the other posts of “General” who is Katie’s 6/12 year old boy she adopted from us. What a great dog he is!

General who seems to love just about anyone!

Violet and Balou and Tony too!

August 16, 2017

Tony Rovegno sent these great photos of his kids, Violet and Balou. Violet was adopted as a puppy from us (one of the very few we ever get in) and then Tony came back for Balou. Quite a blue matched set! Come meet Tony and Violet at the donation barbecue on September 3rd. e!

Ellie and Stella

August 16, 2017

Here are two cute photos sent to us by Jill and here is what she said: “The girls have settled in and seem happy. We are certainly happy. They are good through the night and they play during the day. They love to choose from the toy basket. Jack loves that they like to play. He’s never seen two big dogs play and jump around like they do. So glad now I did not separate them. They get along so well. It melts everyone’s heart to see Stella rest her head on Ellie when they are relaxing. Pretty sweet.”

Dog Party!

Dog Party!

August 6, 2017

First they play with an injured deer, and now Stella and Ellie have many new canine friends. (I guess they will play with any species…) Here is the continuing saga of Stella and Ellie. (Thanks to Jill and Ron for these great photos).

“Today’s walk was more fun than expected. We met Piper, the black and white Great Dane, who we played and ran with a bit. They all got along great. Then three other dogs showed up and everyone gets along great. Then another dog show up and he joins in too. We had one big play date! Everyone got along and had so much fun but the best part is we all walked there so we all live close and can get together again. We had all met at the high school. What fun! I’m so proud of the girls and so pleased they are sociable. Anyway, that’s this mornings excitement”

Stella, Ellie and the Injured Deer

August 6, 2017

We recently received this photo from Jill and Ron who adopted Stella and Ellie from us. Here is the accompanying text:

“Oh! I wanted to tell you the girls were playing in the yard and my husband Ron notice that all of a sudden there were three animals, instead of the two. He looked closer aand realized it was a deer! The deer was clearly not enjoying the “fun” as the girls were. He was just their size too! Ron got the girls inside the house and called the wildlife rescue who came out and collected the injured deer. It was quite the neighborhood excitement though. All the neighbors were lined up along our fence as the event unfolded.”

We asked for further clarification from Jill as to whom injured the deer….the girls or something else. Ron said the girls were trying to play nicely with an already injured deer. Good to know!