In Memoriam

Priscilla and her toys

Priscilla and her toys

August 7, 2015

Our own Lori Lynne and Eric’s sweet girl Priscilla recently passed on.  We want to extend our heartfelt sympathy to them on the loss of their beloved girl.  Lori Lynne and Eric kept Priscilla going many months after medical problems arose.  They went above and beyond what most people would have done to make Priscilla happy and gave her quality of life.  We are so sorry she lost her battle, but know she crossed over in Lori Lynne’s arms in her own home, as peacefully as could be.

Riley -She Will Be Missed

August 7, 2015

IMG_0536Our condolences to Brenda on the loss of her  beautiful girl Riley.

Sabrina – Rest in Peace

July 24, 2015

Andrew and Glen recently lost their beautiful fawn girl Sabrina on 7/20.  They gave her a wonderful home and she could not have wished for two more loving parents.  Here is what they wrote about their girl:

Our Family

“I want to thank you for facilitating the adoption of Sabine/Sabrine about three years ago.  We enjoyed every day that we had with her and made sure she wanted for nothing.  Over the last year she developed Wobblers syndrome and over the last 48 hours she stopped eating.  We took her to the vet this morning (7/20) to find she had a very high temp and after a complete work up, we found her liver enzymes were through the roof.  After an ultrasound we found that she had a large mass in her gall bladder.  The options were hospitalization (which she has not been in a kennel since the day we rescued her).  We opted for euthanasia seeing it as an option to end the pain that she was in.  We loved her quirkiness and her bitchy ways.  Thank you so much for seeing us as two men who needed to shower a damaged girl with all the love we have…   Rest in peace Sabrina”


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Rest in Peace Sweet Trevor

July 12, 2015

TrevorOur sympathies to Karen and Bob on the loss of their beloved boy Trevor.  Trevor passed suddenly on July 4th while on a walk.  Adopted from us in 2009 (a foster of Karen Martin) as a three to four year old boy, Karen and Bob loved their Trevor so very much.  Here is what Karen wrote us about her special boy:  ” July 4, 2015.  I have lost my best friend today.  While others are watching and oohing at the fireworks display, my heart is breaking.  Trevor was an incredible dog, and filled my life with love.  He didn’t have a care in the world as long as we could be together.  He loved Starbucks, and cats, and meditation time.  He loved treats, horses, his spot under the redwood and his own recliner chair.  His friends were many and converted them all to the Big Dog world.

He was here when we lost our old pal Pooh, and here when coming out of that fog, we welcomed yet another dog, our second adopted Great Dane Minnie.  I say I won’t do this again, our family can’t stand the pain.  This is the last time I will cry in my cup, but wait, Karen Martin is calling to tell me about another pup…..”

Rest In Peace Sweet Cathy

May 21, 2015

November Craigs List 020TRYING 031We extend our deepest sympathies to our own Karen Martin on the sudden loss of her beloved girl Cathy.  Cathy passed on May 19th with no warning.  Thankfully Karen was home and rushed to her side to wrap her arms around her and lay with her till she finally crossed.  Cathy was just the best girl.  She came to Karen with her brother when their owner could not keep them.  Her brother passed on soon after that and Cathy stayed with Karen and her husband John.  Cathy was beautiful, friendly, wonderful with people and all dogs.  She was the Dane Karen tested her fosters with.  Even if another dog was aggressive toward Cathy, she would not respond. Cathy helped Karen through the loss of her wonderful husband John in April of 2014. Cathy was recently the “big sister” to Oliver, trying to show him the ropes.  Oliver is devastated without his Cathy.   Please keep Karen in your prayers.  I know Oliver will do his best to help her through this tough time (probably in a really annoying way……)

(I personally want to extend my heartfelt sympathies and thanks to Karen.  She is the strongest woman I know.  She has survived so many loses, and keeps on going.  She always worries about each Dane we get in, and will never refuse a foster if there is any way she can make it work.  She has saved SO many Dane lives, along with her husband John.  Don’t know what I would do without her help and friendship.  Cathy was a lucky girl to live with Karen.)


Here is what Karen wrote about Cathy:  (May 19th)

“I want to share the sad news that my sweet Cathy passed away this morning.  I would like to put her up on the GDRNC site because she has been in impact on Rescue.  She has accepted nine fosters coming into her home, disrrupting her routine, taking most of my time all with grace.  She has taught then manners, gave them confidence when they lacked it, but most of all gave them the canine companionship I could not.  Without her, I would never have been able to learn what I did about each new pup.  Even today, after breakfast she played with Oliver, because Oliver looked forward to playing with his big sister.  Aside from being a big sister to them all, she was the only light in the tunnel for me after losing my husband John.  I was fortunate when she came into our home four years ago and blessed each day she was here.  Attached are two of her “glam” photos (see above).  There were too many of her and the fosters to choose from”.


IMG_6360Recent photo of Oliver with Cathy

Rest In Peace “Noodle”

December 29, 2014






noodleNOODLE   (March 2003 – December 2014)

Our sympathies to Tracy Atkinson and her daughter Josie and son Tony on the loss of their beloved girl Noodle.  Tracy and her family were long time foster care people for our group. Tracy first developed and maintained our website in its’ infancy till her move out of the area.  Noodle was part of a group of six Great Danes taken from a horrendous home in Tahoe.  Tracy picked them all up and fostered till we found homes for them.  Deciding to keep 9 month old Noodle for their own.  Noodle had a wonderful life with Tracy and we thank the whole family for all they have done for Rescue over the years.  Rest in peace sweet Noodle.


Here is what Tracy wrote about her precious girl:

So many great Noodle stories!  She was an amazing dog….fearless, strong and bright, loving companion and great watch dog. I always felt and was safe with her around.  She got her name partially because she was always using her boodle!  Not always for good, but she was always thinking and figuring something out.  She shelped me raise two awesome kids, half the neighborhood kids, schooled and cared for every foster dog and cat/kitten we took in.  I couldn’t have done it without her.  She was exceptional in many ways and I feel privileged to have had her in my life.  I will miss her terribly, but know she is isn heaven letting everyone know who is boss now!

– Noodles Mom

My own beloved Kitty

November 2, 2014


Rest in Peace Sweet Pea

Rest in Peace Sweet Pea

July 16, 2014