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In Memoriam

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Missing Leo

Missing Leo

September 11, 2018

Our condolences to the Mason family on the sudden loss of their very special boy, Leo. Leo was just five years old when he passed and Maureen had adopted him from Rescue approximately two years ago. Leo came into foster care with Karen in Reno weighing just 95 lbs. He was a sad, skinny boy. Karen got him up to 108 lbs on a special diet. He never seemed to be able to surpass this weight. The doctor did numerous testing on Leo to try to explain his weight, but nothing came back abnormal. But this did not stop Maureen Mason from adopting him. She saw past his weight and loved the wonderful boy inside.

Prior to his passing, Leo was diagnosed with Addison’s disease and unfortunately stopped eating, and a day and a half later passed. He was happy and active in his loving home for almost two years.

To add to their sadness, the family had recently lost their other Dane, Bella Katie, to heart failure at the age of seven. Katie was a shy girl that flourished under Maureen’s care. She was loved and cherished for almost three years by the Masons.

This is a special family that loves Danes, and are willing to go the extra mile for a Dane that need a home. Maureen said this is the first time in many years they are dog-less.

Photos Below:
Leo in foster care.

Bella Katie

Leo and Bella Meeting

Goodbye to our sweet Lulu

Goodbye to our sweet Lulu

March 9, 2018

Our own Doug and Peggy Peterson lost their sweet girl Lulu on Wednesday. She was either 13 or 14 years of age and Doug and Peggy did everything they could to keep her with them as long as they could. Two better owners you could never find. They loved her with all their hearts and what a wonderful life they provided for her.

Our deepest condolences to this very caring couple on their loss.

We asked them to write a memorial to Lulu and here is what they wrote to us:

“We adopted Lulu on July 22, 2008, just a few weeks after our Danes Max and Chloe died 5 days apart. We loved her from the moment she bolted out of the kennel and tried to jump in the truck! She had been a stray, and the vet guessed she was 3-4 years old. She was so skinny! But full of life, and so happy to have a home. We brought Sampson home from GDRNC the next day, and Lulu went to work letting him know who was in charge. She was a handful, and we called Colleen every day for the first two weeks to get advice on how to manage her very assertive behavior. She learned quickly and became one of the best dogs we have ever had. She adored squeaky toys, running at the lake, rawhide chews and meal times; she and Sampson became inseparable friends. She was surprisingly funny and was the happiest dog ever. She had pneumonia last year, and the vet told us to prepare ourselves for her death – then called a few hours later to say she had miraculously recovered and to come get her! But age was catching up to her, and by the end of last year she needed a halter to help her stand up, and to walk. We knew the time was here when she wasn’t interested in dinner or cookies. Even at her last hour, she was a great ambassador for Rescue, visiting the staff at the vet’s office and giving everyone there a final kiss. Our home isn’t the same without her and we will forever cherish the years we had together.


Peggy and Doug”

Their other Great Dane, Sampson, will grieve for the loss of his girl too.

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Rest in Peace Sasha

Rest in Peace Sasha

January 27, 2018

Miss Lady Sasha Dane – 15 Dec 2005 – 19 Jan 2018

Our sincere condolences to Kathy Moraes for the loss of her beloved girl Sasha. Here is what Kathy wrote to us about Sasha’s passing:

“Sasha passed on due to complications from Degenerative Myelopathy – a condition in which affects the myelin sheath in the spine. 9 month ago diagnosed – these past 9 months walking slow though at a steady pace – helping her to maintain a healthy and happy mind and life – even in her condition – still enjoyed her morning sunshine – barking at the dogs in the neighborhood from her backyard – loving her numnums and rubdowns – as time was passing her DM was becoming more apparent. I could see her trying to maintain her demeanor and dignity – it all climaxed Friday afternoon collapsing in her backyard, collapsing on the grass – immediately taking her to the vet. She could barely walk – I held her in my arms and said farewell and I whispered little prayers – whispered in her ear I love you Sasha. “Ta” as I called her and touched her very softly behind her ears and God welcomed her into the kingdom of heaven.”

Kathy and her family gave Sasha such a wonderful life. You can see many photos of Sasha on our website. We are so sorry for your loss Kathy.

Rest in Peace Dash

Rest in Peace Dash

December 29, 2017

Lorrie Ranck sent us these touching photos of her boy Dash. Here is what she wrote: “We adopted Dash through private adoption via GDRNC, when he was 4 years old. He had serious separation anxiety and a medical issue. We are privileged to have had this sweet soul as part of our family until October of this year. At 12 years old, he was struggling to walk and let us know it was time to say good bye. His goofy self is missed by all.”

Our condolences to Lorrie and her family. We thank them for giving Dash a loving home.

Farewell Jett

Farewell Jett

September 29, 2017

Our condolences to Dottie Poole and her family on the loss of her dear boy Jett. Dottie is a long time adopter and we appreciate the love and care she gave Jett throughout his life, and especially in his final days. Here is what Dottie wrote to us about Jett:

“We said goodbye to Jett on Tuesday. He had a tumor engulfing his greater trochanter, pelvis. It was getting more painful for him to walk or sit or lay down. It was heartbreaking to watch and even more heartbreaking to let go. He gave us so much love and laughter. I have so many great pictures an am not good at loading them from phone to mail. So many wonderful memories. I miss him so and am so glad we shared his life. He was so good for all our family. Even the neighbors were stopping by to make sure Jett was OK when he wasn’t doing so well. Everyone loved him”.

In Memory of Olympia

In Memory of Olympia

September 8, 2017

Melissa wrote to us this sweet note to let us know of the passing of her beloved Olympia. Here is what she wrote to us:
“We adopted Olympia as a private adoption advertised on GDRNC website. She was about 5 1/2 years old when we got her and she passed six years later on 8/12/17. We knew she was a special soul the moment we met her. LOVE. We adopted another Dane vis a friend three years ago – a one year old harlequin Dane mix called Ruby – Ruby gave Olympia renewed life and joy for the last three years. Ruby definitely misses Olympia just like us!”

The happy ending to this tribute is that Melissa and her husband Don just came and adopted “Hank” from us last week. So now Ruby has a friend again!

Goodbye to Sweet Marble

Goodbye to Sweet Marble

September 8, 2017

Our condolences to Cheryl and her daughter on the loss of their special girl Marble. Here is what Cheryl wrote to us about Marble:
“As a long time owner of many Great Danes, I had decided not to start with a puppy, but rather consider fostering rescues with Colleen. When Colleen called me in October 2012 to say that a harlequin female was coming in, I met her at the photo shoot directly following her spay, so the Dane was a little loopy. When I got her home I knew right away I would not be able to hand her back over, so I contacted Colleen to arrange for her adoption. We named her Marble for obvious reasons, and she was by far one of the best dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of having as a part of my family. She was well behaved, loving, and enjoyed living on acreage, becoming friends with my horses. In March in noticed a tumor and brought her to Dr. Alex at Loomis Basin Vet Clinic. Directly following surgery, the prognosis was not good as it had metastasized to other areas of her body. Dr. Alex only gave her about a month longevity until she would need to be put down due to pain associated with the cancer, but Marble continued to have good quality of life for another two months, until the sad day came on May 24th when she let me know she was ready. She will be forever loved and missed by my daughter and I, who continue to remember her lovingly as she deserved.”

Thank you to Cheryl for writing this touching tribute.

Farewell Sweet Carson

August 4, 2017

Our hearts go out to Russ and Dorothy after the passing of their beloved Carson. Karen remembers them coming to Reno in 2008 to meet a stray she was fostering. They sat on the floor in her living room for about 20 minutes, coaxing this shy boy to come by them. Karen watched their patience and their reaction when he finally came up to them. She knew this was the family for Carson. We guessed his age to be three, so he had a long, wonderful life. We thank them for that.

Here is what Dorothy wrote to us: “I am so grateful for having had the chance to have him be a part of my life. He leaves a lot of people who loved him too much. Everyone has been better to have known him, and they are all grieving his loss. I know he is running like a freight train and eating everything I would not allow. My son is sure he is chowing on bowls of deer poop! I am so very lucky that you took a chance on us, and I hope you know that he gave us more happiness and joy than I can ever express.”

Rest In Peace Bodhi

Rest In Peace Bodhi

June 16, 2017

Our sincere condolences to Marilyn Jasper who recently lost her beautiful brindle boy Bodhi.

In 2008 Marilyn had contacted me inquiring about adopting a Dane. She lived locally and was very active in all local animal and conservation issues, so I had met her before. One day I get a call from the Auburn Shelter that they had an approx. 9 month old Dane that needed rescuing. I went to pick him up, and saw such a pretty young brindle male. Driving home I was just hating the idea of having to board him at the kennel, he was such a puppy and very sensitive. Then Marilyn popped into my head. I called information and luckily she was listed. I dialed her number, she answered and I told her of the sweet Dane I had in my car. She said come on by and that day this wonderful puppy became “Bodhi” and lived for nine years with Marilyn in her mountain top retreat. As Marilyn does foster care for puppies of all breeds that come into the local shelter, Bodhi had a constant stream of new puppy friends during his years with Marilyn. He was a great ambassador for our breed, as he was so accepting of other animals. Marilyn loved him and did all she could in his last years to keep him up and walking and comfortable. We thank Marilyn for providing such a warm, loving home for Bodhi.

Rory’s Story

Rory’s Story

July 2, 2016

Our condolences to the Speth family on the loss of their beloved boy Rory.  Elizabeth came to adopt a cute fawn puppy almost nine years ago.  They named him Rommel.  This was their first Great Dane.  We then adopted the other three littermates to new homes.  About 3 months later one of the puppies named Rory came back into Rescue.  His owners were having “issues” and chose not to keep Rory.  Being that Elizabeth is a friend of mine, I let her know Rommel’s brother was back and not happy in the kennel.  In fact, he snapped at one of the kennel girls, obviously very stressed.  Elizabeth raced over that day and put her arms around Rory and said he could come live with her family and his brother Rommel.  And there he spent almost nine years with his brother Rommel, in a wonderfully active, loving family.  On Rory’s last day, all the adult children came home so the entire family could spend the day with Rory, feeding him special foods, laying next to him (see photos below), and when the vet came to the home, all who loved him made his crossing as peaceful as it could be.  Rory spent his life surrounded by horses, cats, other dogs and most importantly, a very special family.  We thank the Speths for adopting Rory and giving him an extraordinary home.

Rest in peace sweet Rory.


rommelBrother Rommel pictured above.