Kaiya – AKA “Mama Dog”

Young - Female
Adoptable Small Adoption fee: $450Spayed/NeuteredBlackDog is in Granite Bay, CA

(Good News: Kaiya is going into foster care with a long time adoptor, Jim Simpson. Jim and “Luke” are welcoming Kaiya into their home to help her get back into shape. Watch for updates on this sweet girl.

8/15 Update: Kaiya is doing very well with Jim and Duke. She has settled in and is now a happy girl. Jim uses a scooter to get around and Kaiya has gotten used to being walked next to Jim on the scooter. She and Duke are getting along and we have received great reports from Jim on Kaiya as a housedog. He had said he would not let her sleep with him but that rule was broken the first night! Our thanks to Jim for all he is doing for Kaiya. Follow Jim and Kaiya on our Facebook page. Jim has posted cute videos.

Kaiya’s Story:

This very sweet 18 month old girl was purchased by a Tennessee couple when she was six weeks old. Nine months later, they separate and the husband moves to California and begins living with his parents and sister (who own an outdoor German Shepherd). Kaiya now becomes an outdoor girl (not spayed) and produces two litters of Dane/German Shepherd puppies in succession. First season and second season. When asked why he did not get her spayed, he said he meant to get around to it. Unfortunately this young man did not know you cant let the puppies nurse till they go to their new homes, so Kaiya has a really bad case of saggy boobs! Our vet says as soon as she is spayed she will begin the process of “tucking up”, but it will take a few months to see improvement. Kaiya came to our attention when a nice neighbor called to say three of Kaiya’s puppies had already died from neglect and she had called Animal Control on the owner. (Kaiya’s puppies are currently on Craigslist for sale) “Mama Dog”, as we affectionately call her, came to us filthy. When you petted her, dirt just fell off her. She had been wearing a harness which dug into her armpits causing abrasions. Her once black coat is now brown and black and dry from baking in the hot son. But with all this happening to her, she never lost her wonderfully loving temperament. She just wants SOMEONE to love her. We have an appointment next week for her spay and exam, then she will be waiting for some savior to look past her saggy boobs and rescue her. Everyone wants to say they own a “rescue”, even if they actually purchased a dog from a breeder. But most people want a show quality Dane that is perfectly trained and gorgeous but still be able to say they “rescued” that dog. So people, here is actually a Great Dane that needs rescuing! Will someone look past her saggy boobs and see the sweet girl that resides in the less than perfect body?

Kaiya is good with other dogs, did not live with children but is social with them, great meeting new people, very sweet, rides well in a car, walks nicely on leash. The neighbor said Kaiya is a wonderful girl. If interested in this sweetheart, please complete an Adoption Application on our site and you will be contacted. (OK, lets see who out there really wants to rescue a dog….)