Lady -Special Needs Private Adoption


Lady is a two year old spayed (stomach is also tacked), current on vaccinations female Dane who needs a new home. Her owner is not home enough to care for her nor does she have the financial ability to cover Lady’s medical care. Here is the bio she wrote about her girl Lady:

“Lady is a super sweet 2 year old female, grey/silver brindle Great Dane. She had a bit of a rough start to life with a very inexperienced owner during the first 4 months of her life. For the past year and a half, Lady has been working hard and is now ready for the perfect home that will fit her needs. She is a lean lady, currently weighing 105 lbs.

The good stuff:
Lady is just the sweetest of all pups. She is great with children and dogs of all sizes. She is well behaved in the home and does not get on furniture (except the classic Dane couch-sit), is kennel trained, and housebroken. She knows many basic things like “sit,” and “lay down,” and many fancier things like “hugs,” and “go to your bed.” She learns quickly and only wants constant love and kisses.

The not-so-good stuff:
She can be submissive, so aggressive/dominant dogs tend to relentlessly pick on her, which means she might not be ideal for a home with a dominant or obsessive dog. The most important thing is that she has been diagnosed with a mild form of Megaesophagus. This means that she needs to be fed very small meals frequently throughout the day with a special feeding station (Lady stands her front legs on a stool and her owner hand feeds her, keeping her head and neck elevated) because her esophagus has difficulty moving the food into her stomach on its own. Because of this, she is prone to pneumonia due to food aspiration. Please do your research on this illness before contacting me. If you have questions, we can definitely discuss the severity of her condition and what kind of care she will need.

To summarize:
Lady is a great dog who deserves a loving, indoor home. She needs a home that will have someone home for most of the day and is able to feed her as often as is needed, otherwise it will put her life at risk.”

If interested in this special needs girl, please contact Sara at

Please really consider how much special care this girl will take and thoroughly discuss her medical condition with Sara prior to making a decision on adoption.