Adult - Male
Adoptable Medium Adoption fee: $350Spayed/NeuteredBlackCurrent on VaccinationsDog is in Granite Bay, CA

Winston is a 2 1/2 year old neutered male. He was adopted 6 months ago but needs to find a new home. Sadly the couple feels their lifestyle and the dense urban area they live in is not a good match for Winston. He can be particular about other canines, some he likes and some he does not. It doesn’t seem to be relative to size or sex as far as his owner could tell. He lives with another male dog which he got along well with unless there was a food product/bone/squirrel in the mix, then he would get mouthy with his dog buddy. He is a sweet boy and would do well with a female dog companion as opposed to a male dog.

Winston is friendly with people, loves children but can be leery of some men due to his original owner’s rough treatment of poor Winston. He seems to love woman from the get go and seems very at ease with new women he meets. It takes him a little longer with men. He is playful and loves to roll in the grass and be petted! He is housebroken. Winston would love to be owned by people who do not work full time, as when he is left alone too long and becomes bored he tended to look around for things to chew! He has a docked tail due to a happy tail injury. Winston is good with cats. If interested in Winston, please fill out an adoption application.