Daisy – Adoption Pending

Adult - Female
Adoption Pending Medium Spayed/NeuteredBlackCurrent on Vaccinations

Good News! A generous donor has stepped up to “sponsor” Daisy’s adoption fee, so there is no fee for this lovely girl!

Daisy is a 2-1/2 year old sweet spayed, girl with wonderful house manners. She walks perfectly on leash, loves to ride in the car. She is house trained, knows basic commands and loves going in the bathtub — even without water. She will go in her open crate to sleep on her own and likes her comfortable private space but does not like to be closed in her crate. She is not allowed on the furniture in her current foster home and is very respectful of that. She also enjoys being where her people are, either inside or outside, but isn’t always in your space. After being slowly introduced to other dogs, she can make good dog friends, provided the other dog is calm and respectful. She does not however like other dogs she doesn’t know to approach her and common sense would tell you she won’t ever be a dog park kind of dog. She loves all kinds of toys, playing tug of war and chasing balls — then wants you to chase her once she gets that ball. She also is just crazy about playing with streams of water or light.

Daisy will need a calm, patient new family that is prepared to give her plenty of time — perhaps a month — to adjust, and realize she might always need her person to help her be confident. Once she adjusts, she is a joy to have in the household. Daisy is sensitive and fearful of loud “motor” sounds including snowplow, garbage truck, large trucks and yard equipment. That being said, her foster family can work in the yard & she’s become comfortable with that yard equipment’s noise, just not when she hears it from the neighbors. When those “boogey-man” noises appear, she has to be with her people for protection. She is just scared and will assume the head down, ears tucked in, “hiding” kind of body posture. Once the noise is gone, so too is her anxiousness.

Daisy playing with Michael

She just wants a loving, peaceful family who will help her be more confident. We are looking for a home where she will not be alone for long periods of time and will get out more often, as she really enjoys getting love and attention from the people she meets on her walks. Daisy is treat motivated and will respond positively to meeting new people or being introduced to new situations if she is rewarded with treats.

Daisy is looking for a home with older children and a well mannered canine buddy or as a spoiled only child! She is not cat aggressive. Daisy is being fostered in Reno. If you’re interested in Daisy, please fill out an Adoption Application on our site and you will be contacted.