Foster Care Homes Needed!

Rescue has been inundated with danes needing rescue.  On average we receive two to three surrender requests per day from the general public.  This week we received three calls from CA shelters with Danes needing rescue.  Our foster care main guy Eric took in one and now we desperately need two more.


“archer” is in the South Lake Tahoe shelter.  He is an unique colored boy.  The shelter says he has had it with shelter life and is depressed.  They neutered him, cleaned his teeth docked his tail (Happy Tail) and h is current on vaccs.  He is good with other dogs and sees a cat walk by and just stares.  Children are unknown.






Photos coming soon of these two Danes!


If anyone would consder being a foster parent for any length of time please call Colleen at (916) 208-8444.  We pay for food and medical care.

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