Bodie – Private Adoption

Bodie’s owner wrote the following about their boy:

Bodie is an approximately 5 1/2 – 6 y/o male Great Dane (pure bred based on genetic testing). We rescued him when he was about 10-12 months old after he was abandoned at a shelter in Alameda, CA. He had bad separation anxiety but with some dedicated work, a dose of fluoxetine and lots of love we crate trained him and were able to very successfully manage his separation anxiety. Bodie is fully housebroken, is excellent on leash, great in the car, loves walks/hikes/trail runs, and snoozing for hours on end anywhere soft. He has been our closest companion and a true family member for the last four and a half years. He was an excellent co-pilot for two cross country road trips, doing 12-16 hour days in the car, has climbed mountains, skied down them, camped on top of cars, lounged at the beach, tried to swim in lakes (not great at it), chased balls, and has generally soaked up the sun outside anywhere he can. Bodie has no cat experience. Bodie is neutered,

We have had to make the heart wrenching decision to rehome Bodie after he bit a toddler. We suspect Bodie was acting out of fear and a too-strong-sense of protection after he was startled by the toddler. We have a 1 year old at home and cannot take the added risk. In the past, Bodie been protective of our home and aggressive towards certain dogs while on leash with us, but he attended a dog day care regularly where he socialized with various other dogs on a regular basis for four years. Bodie would stay for up to two weeks at the day care while we were on travel and enjoy his time there.

Bodie should be in a home without young children and likely should not be a home with other dogs, but perhaps the right dog could work. We love him so much and desperately want to find him the right home with a family that has dog experience. If interested in Bodie, please email if you have filled out an adoption application on our site. Bodie lives in Mill Valley.