Poor sweet Domino. We got a call from a local vet to say one of their clients came in with his Dane who was down to 86 pounds from her last visit at 116. When questioned, the owner said Domino played with the other dogs alot and he thought he may be fed the wrong food. He then said he was moving and was looking for homes for his three dogs, so the kind hearted vet tech took domino home until our foster care hero Eric could come get her. The dogs Domino lived with were a male Malinois and a female Cane Corso and they all got along. She also has double cherry eye, so as soon as she puts on substantial weight and can go through the surgery, she will be in foster care. She is so sweet, housebroken, good with strangers. She is 2 1/2 years old. Domino is spayed and current on vaccinations and we had a complete blood panel done on her to make sure she is healthy, and she is! Good with other dogs, in foster care with two cats and is fine. Her owner said she was used to lots of kids that his family and friends have. But did not live with children.

3/19 UPDATE: Domino is thriving in foster care, has gained a good amount of eight, now goes nose to nose with the cats who now include here in their pack. She has met the neighborhood children, routinely goes to Home Depot with her foster care Dad an absolutely loves all the attention. She is really bonding to her foster care family and will be available for adoption after her eye surgery which should happen next month hopefully when we can get an appointment.