leroy has been in foster care for a while now, recovering from HOD. Thanks to Jackie for caring for him during this time. Here is what she wrote about Leroy:

Leroy is a 13 month old neutered male Great Dane. He has a lot of energy and loves to play with other dogs. He currently plays all day with my Chihuahua mix Tulip. Leroy would do best in a home with another really playful dog and an active owner. He needs a lot of exercise to be his best self.

Leroy is reactive to some dogs. Mostly it’s intact males, but not universally. We haven’t fully figured out his triggers yet. I want him to go to a home that is willing to work with him on this issue. He mostly loves other dogs and wants to play nonstop, but he has started a few fights and it’s been hard to nail down the cause.

I am rehoming Leroy because I am too busy right now to properly address his needs. I love him dearly and want to give him the best opportunity to have a happy, successful life. He’s a good-natured, loving dog, but needs to be with an alpha owner that has time to devote to making him into the wonderful dog he has potential to be.

If interested in this handsome fawn male, please email Colleen at cleahy1955@yahoo.com