About Us

Great Dane Rescue of Northern California is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization formed in 1987 by Betty Thomas and Colleen Leahy.  We are dedicated to rescuing and finding homes for Great Danes in need in the greater Northern California / Nevada region.  We are located in Granite Bay, just east of Sacramento.  Our extended group includes Karen Martin, who diligently covers Reno and the surrounding  Nevada areas and is a foster care home who evaluates Danes prior to placement;  Doug and Peggy Peterson, of Douglas Peterson Photography of Granite Bay,  our wonderful photography team, who donate their time and efforts photographing our Danes in such wonderful style; The Todds developed the newest incarnation of this website and manage it.  Eric and Lori Lynne spent many long hours making sure our website was all that we want it to be.   We also want to thank Alan Miller of Albree Dog Training in Sacramento for being our “go-to” behaviorist/trainer.  He kindly donates his wisdom and time to weigh in on some Danes coming through Rescue that need a bit of work.  We appreciate his knowledge and help!

goupPrior to adoption, all dogs are spayed/neutered, made current on vaccinations, have any medical issues resolved, and are evaluated for temperament.  Our Danes are boarded at a local kennel or fostered until permanent homes can be found.  We believe that Danes are quite often misunderstood because of their size and special needs.  It is our intention to find permanent and loving homes for Great Danes that have been abandoned, abused, neglected and surrendered to us. With this in mind, Great Dane Rescue of Northern California makes every effort to understand the specific needs of each Dane that comes into our care. We also go to great lengths to thoroughly interview and screen families interested in an adoption, in order to create the best possible match between dog and new family.

We have no major source of funding other than individual donations from Great Dane enthusiasts and generous people.

In Loving Memory of Betty Thomas
Great Dane Rescue of Northern California Co-Founder
Betty Thomas showing her beloved Dane Angus

Betty Thomas showing her beloved Dane Angus

Betty Thomas passed away in February of 2012.  She will always be remembered as a tireless advocate for the breed.  She truly gave her life to rescuing Great Danes.  She will be forever missed by her friends.  Without her, the Great Dane Rescue of Northern California would never have existed.

Memorials to our loved ones