Great Dane Information

Consider before you adopt

Find a good Veterinarian that you like and feel will be your partner, preferably one that has experience with Danes.  Regularly review your Dane’s health, habits and your concerns with your vet. Ask about the information contained in the sections here — especially information about proper feeding and bloat / torsion. Your veterinarian can be you and your dog’s best friend !


San Francisco Bay Great Dane Owners Group

This is a group for Great Danes and their owners to get together for some Great Dane running, playing, and socializing. We meet at various sites around the Bay Area so that as many people as possible can participate.

Indian Dane Rescue

A privately funded Great Dane rescue in Southern California

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Dane Outreach

Dane Outreach of Washington State is an all volunteer non-profit dedicated to providing rescued Great Danes a second chance and offering educational information.