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Mr. Sampson and LuLu

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Update on Brody

Update on Brody

April 12, 2021

A cute update on recently adopted Brody:

Brody is doing really well. We took him in to the vet to establish care, and he had already gained 10 lbs! His muzzle and paws are doing much better, and he is now microchipped. Just like with our Sam, he is experiencing some anxiety when we leave, but we are already getting improvement with that as well. As you can see, he is not spoiled at all !
This is him on our home security camera. 
The life of Riley

The life of Riley

April 12, 2021

We received this wonderful update on Riley, who lives and “works” with her family at Barr Estate Winery (check out their Dane Head wine label 🙂
Our daughter took this photo of Riley yesterday in the budding vines.  Thought you would enjoy seeing it.
She is the sweetest dog !  Thanks again for allowing us to adopt her. Hope everything is going well for you.
Happy Easter

Happy Easter

April 3, 2021

Happy Easter from the Ash Farm!  Blake doesn’t look too happy.

Thank you Michael.

Puppy Piper Picked a Perfect Pack

Puppy Piper Picked a Perfect Pack

April 2, 2021

Another wonderful update on Piper:

Just sending you some pics and a video of Piper and Rocco. Tuesday was her first obedience lesson and Rocco’s fine tuning training . Piper is a very smart girl who is full of attitude and sass for sure. We have our hands full for sure but with lots of training, discipline and consistency I think we can get her dialed in. She is growing fast and probably getting close to 40lbs. Her and Rocco have bonded so well they love playing together all the time. I will continue to share photos and videos of her progress and growth.

Brody’s big family

Brody’s big family

April 1, 2021

Brody is such a lucky boy! He now has a mom, dad and three canine brothers! Here’s a cute clip of him playing with brother Sam.
Thank you Mark & Nicole, you were exactly the type of home we were looking for — especially Brody!

Good Morning Karen!
Brody is doing really well. He is cueing off of Sam really nicely and they are having a blast playing together. He is falling into the new home and routine very nicely! He and the Great Pyrenees get along fabulously, but our old mutt doesn’t care one way or the other about him (which we expected). He is quite the little cuddler which we love 💕.
His paws are still giving him some problems, but we will of course keep on cleaning them and applying the spray. We should be able to get him into our vet here next week or so just to get him established, check up, microchip, etc.
Here’s a clip of them tearing around the yard. I joke that I am now the proud owner of two horses 😅. Plus here is one of a relaxed upside down tongue. He’s such a doll. We absolutely adore him. We’ll send more photos soon!
Teddy (formerly known as Bullwinkle :)

Teddy (formerly known as Bullwinkle :)

March 31, 2021

We received the wonderful update on the handsome Teddy!
I hope you are well! I adopted Bullwinkle from you guys about a year ago and he is the best! We are a happy family and his name is Teddy.
Beau’s Benefactor Kat

Beau’s Benefactor Kat

March 26, 2021

It takes a village or maybe just some great ladies. Case in point……

Kat reached out to us for help. She had taken in a young Dane that was being surrendered because he became too large for the children and needed training. Sadly this happens a lot. She had no intentions of keeping him but just wanted to help him. She took him into her home, started training and socialization and had him neutered! She reached out to us for help finding Beau a forever home.
We have mentioned before our waitlist that we maintain from people who submit an adoption form and who we keep in the queue for when the right dog comes in.  Katie was on our waitlist.  She has adopted from us twice before and put in much needed work with one of those adopted dogs. Beau was a distance away, but Beau’s benefactor, Kat was willing to transport, Katie was willing to adopt. The stars were aligned. When Katie sent her update, there were no words because the photos said it all.
A big thank you to Kat. You were the person who truly rescued this lovely Dane!
Gunther gets a lift…and finds his family

Gunther gets a lift…and finds his family

March 23, 2021

Thank you Dorothy and Russ!

We had arranged to receive a Dane but the night before had a personal emergency and couldn’t connect. Since they had adopted Maggie from us two years ago, and were in the area, we called Dorothy and Russ for help. Fortunately for us, they were available and went above and beyond to help.  They have so graciously offered to temporarily help house and transport which is crucial at this time.

They took the Dane, now named Gunther, into their home, bathed him and got him to his scheduled veterinarian appointment the next day. They noticed Gunther and their current dog Maggie were becoming friends. They said they had been thinking about adopting another Dane. They also picked him up from his veterinary appointment to recuperate at their home. We all know where this is going….yes, Gunther found his permanent family with Dorothy, Russ and big sis Maggie.

Missy Mittens

Missy Mittens

March 20, 2021

Elaina sent this fun update on Missy.

Hello Great Dane Rescue!

Yesterday March 14th was our Big Head’s aka Missy’s 1 year Gotcha Anniversary freedom ride home with me/us!
This girl is just a cuddle bug! She loves the couch mainly cause she gets to snuggle up the her nice man who rescued her aka her new Dad. I mean she lays full body on him lol
She turned 3 this past November and had a great day celebrating. She’s LOVING daycare now even though her and her hairy brother have to go to time outs once day there! Ha. The staff just adore her there. Our Vet office loves her and knows she has to have someone with her at all times due to her anxiety. Thank goodness our Vet office loves her and me!
Big head also passed her Canine Good Citizen class and test within this year.
She’s loving our continuing good manners classes on Sunday and her “fun-gility” classes in Mondays. She’s made lots of friends both humans and dogs this past even with being a covid 2020 rescue! Still working on her separation anxiety but u know good days bad days with that and like i mentioned before I’ve learned a few tricks to help with that.  Missy absolutely loves her red jacket for cold days and gets sooo excited when she see me grab it. She’s playing with plush toys now a lot more. And I found out her likes for treats and our raw diet.  Missy even gained weight this year she was 112lbs when she came home and is now a healthy 120lbs!!!

I love my sweet Big Headed girl and yes everyone calls her big head and she knows that nick name lol o geez she’s looks at u and comes to Big Head when called lol

Missy also got to be featured in a local rescue named SCAR south county animal rescues 2021 calendar I have attached that photo they used the pic with the flowers around her. And everyone just loved her at that photoshoot!

Anyways 1 year anniversary
Thank u again for picking me to be Mom and part of adopting from Great Dane Rescue
Elaina and Big Head aka Missy Mittens

Update on Tessa (now Piper :)

March 8, 2021

Thanks to Elizabeth for the update on Tessa, now named Piper. This little girl can certainly hold her own with her big brother.
“Piper and Rocco are doing wonderful. We have been able to establish somewhat of a routine and things are good.”