Happy Homes

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Mr. Sampson and LuLu

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Coco (Now Baxter) Going Home

December 29, 2021

It took me awhile to post Coco’s going home photos! But Baxter is in a great home and very happy as you can see from these current photos:

Wednesday and Galileo Nap Waiting for Santa

December 29, 2021

Another great baby and Dane photo from the Rovegno family!

Shawnee Waiting for Santa

December 29, 2021

Love those grey faces!

Skylar at Christmas

December 29, 2021

Cute Christmas photo of the princess Skylar!

Thanks to her adoptive family for giving her such a loving home!

Daisy Wentker’s Tenth Birthday Party!

Daisy Wentker’s Tenth Birthday Party!

September 17, 2021

Daisy’s mother Christine sent us the photos from Daisy’s tenth birthday party. It was an exclusive event, but “Boomer”, the cute merle puppy (also adopted from us) scored the invite. Boomer and Daisy live in the same community. Rescue is a small world sometimes. Daisy was part of a litter than came into Rescue, and I believe Daisy is the last surviving puppy! Must be the good care Christine and her family give to Daisy.

Stevie, Bodie and Dad Glen

August 31, 2021

Poor Danes, what a hard life they must lead!

Onyx Is Home!

August 16, 2021

Meet the newest member of our Fam… Her name is Onyx! We’ve had her for over a month now and she’s perfect! She loves nap time with Princess and I now have another walking partner! She’s so calm and gentle so she gets along great with the kiddos! Hubby still the king of our castle surrounded by 4 of us bossy girls! Lol…He loves it! #greatdane #malteseshihtzu #weloveourdogs #familyof5 #lifeisbetterwithdogs #onyx #daisygirl

Thanks to the Scurini family for giving Onyx a great home!

Anna in her new home

Anna in her new home

August 5, 2021

Thanks to Todd and Andrew for adopting Anna. Obviously she is happy in her new home!

Wednesday, Giovanni and Tony!

August 2, 2021

The beautiful briindle girl Wednesday, is the guardian of baby Giovanni while Tony works the land.

Wyatt Blue!

August 2, 2021

Thanks to Kathy and Joe Moraes for making an emergency trip to pick up what turned out to be their new son Wyatt Blue. The Moraes family has adopted two Danes prior to this and always has been willing to help in any way. Wyatt is so lucky to be with Joe and Kathy.