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Mr. Sampson and LuLu

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DUKE (formerly Napoleon) in his new home

September 3, 2023

Duke is not sure if this face off will turn out good for him.

All is well!


Thanks to Amy for these wonderful photos!!

Napoleon In His Home

Napoleon In His Home

September 1, 2023

So far Napoleon is a “keeper” and is doing very well in his new home!

Happy Birthday Blake!

Happy Birthday Blake!

July 18, 2023

Happy Birthday Blake! (one of our adoptees) Michael, his dad , has been the BEST! He took Blake camping for his special 8 year b-day.

Bodie is working on his tan

Bodie is working on his tan

May 18, 2023

Bodie and his human friend Aubrey are sharing nicely THEIR towel! Bodie said it was HIS towel and he unselfishly let Aubrey share it, so who am I to disagree. Thanks to Gayle (mom to Bodie and Stevie, and grandmother to Aubrey) for sending us this great photo. Gayle and Glenn’s other dog is a black senior female, (Stevie) who wisely knows that too much sun won’t help her complexion!


May 10, 2023

Titan and Shawnee

Titan and Shawnee

February 15, 2023

Fun photo of titan and Shawnee helping Dad in the kitchen. Both Danes adopted from us at separate times. But both lucky enough to now live in the Slobodian home!

Annie Update

January 28, 2023

Thanks to Annie’s owner, Todd Hunter for sending us this beautiful photo of his girl Annie. Annie came in with what w assume was her daughter from the Yuba shelter. Both were found as strays but both had such good dispositions!

Kila Video!!

January 20, 2023


Kila with her new Mom Peggy

January 20, 2023

Thor Joined Jack in the Benson Home!

Thor Joined Jack in the Benson Home!

December 31, 2022

Nice photo and message from Gene Benson who recently adopted Thor who was on our site as a Private Adoption. Here is what Gene wrote to us:

“After several delays we picked up Thor on Friday. We’ve had him now long enough to be forming some impressions. Mie told us that he would not be good in a crate and that he has a history of self-feeding. Well, both of those behaviors are outside our normal experience with previous Danes. Turns out that she is completely correct about his behavior around a crate. He has near panic attacks that I believe are very serious separation anxiety. This will be a subject for our future training.

Jack in the red coat meeting Thor for the very first time. Thor’s behavior towards other dogs so far seems as advertised, he is not showing any aggression.

Thanks very much to you and Great Dane Rescue of NorCal for helping us to have another interesting animal in our pack. Y’all were where we obtained Jack, almost 9 years ago now.” We thank Gene and his family for adopting these two nice Danes and giving them a wonderful home.