ROME – Private Adoption

Rome, is a  ~2yr old 95lbs Great Dane mix (DNA test is below). He is incredibly high energy, sweet, snuggly and smart. His mix is a large percentage guard dog and it shows. Once he establishes you as his owner, he will put himself in charge of protecting you and your home. As a woman living alone, I have never felt more safe!   ROME was found as a stray and a nice woman took him in and dd everything medical ROME needed.  Here is what she wrote abut ROME:
“His ideal home is one with adults only and/or grown children (teenagers+) who are excited about committing 1-2 hrs a day for his walks, training and playing. Experience with dogs is preferred. He loves to play catch, sniff around the neighborhood and do brain puzzles. He definitely needs a big yard!
He is 100% bathroom trained and never has accidents. I have sent him twice to board and train programs, one when I first brought him home to help him assimilate to our routine and my 8 lb chihuahua and to learn basic commands. Then recently to level up his training he went again for 7 weeks and knows sit, down, stay, place, go to your bed, leave it, up, heel and come. He has great recall and is crate trained. He is super well trained!
He is in good health, microchipped, fully vaccinated and neutered. I will share all of his history and vet info with the new owner so they know as much as I know.  I will also provide the new owner with all of his accoutrements (crate, bed, toys, leashes, collars, etc etc) as well as some food to get him started and a very very detailed account of his routine, likes and dislikes etc etc.
He has some reactivity to some, not all, big dogs, and small children if not properly introduced. He can definitely co-exist with other dogs as he has been doing, but is very playful and large, so it would need to be the right fit.
I want to find a home where both owner and dog will be super happy and do everything I can to facilitate a smooth transition.
If you know anyone who is interested, please gave them reach out to me and I’d be happy to send them more photos, more info so please call Victoria to discuss! 310-614-4240″