Sabrina – Rest in Peace

Andrew and Glen recently lost their beautiful fawn girl Sabrina on 7/20.  They gave her a wonderful home and she could not have wished for two more loving parents.  Here is what they wrote about their girl:

Our Family

“I want to thank you for facilitating the adoption of Sabine/Sabrine about three years ago.  We enjoyed every day that we had with her and made sure she wanted for nothing.  Over the last year she developed Wobblers syndrome and over the last 48 hours she stopped eating.  We took her to the vet this morning (7/20) to find she had a very high temp and after a complete work up, we found her liver enzymes were through the roof.  After an ultrasound we found that she had a large mass in her gall bladder.  The options were hospitalization (which she has not been in a kennel since the day we rescued her).  We opted for euthanasia seeing it as an option to end the pain that she was in.  We loved her quirkiness and her bitchy ways.  Thank you so much for seeing us as two men who needed to shower a damaged girl with all the love we have…   Rest in peace Sabrina”


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