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Hagrid In His New Home

Hagrid In His New Home

Hagrid has found a wonderful home with Alysicia who has adopted two seniors thru us. She reached out earlier asking is she could be on a waitlist for a puppy (which we never get in).
She felt her girls now are older and were ready to help with a younger Dane. I don’t think Hagrid was the puppy she had in mind but I had to ask. She has experience, patience and a household of girls!, Just what this little guy needed, and she said YES! Here’s Hagrid’s update:

“The girls are in love because he Hagrid pays more attention to them than Tucker does. Tucker likes him but is still trying to figure him out because Hagrid is so exuberant when he plays and has been circling around inside the house checking everything out.
Tucker gets to walk the property off leash but I’m keeping Hagrid on leash for the longer walks at the moment so I can introduce him to all of the livestock and new sights/smells in a controlled way. He’s going to do great.”

Obi In His New Home

Ken and Connie adopted Obi in December and just sent us an update.
After losing their beloved Breck, they noticed Paisley (whom they adopted thru us) was depressed. Could we find another Dane for them? Along came Obi, a private adoption, and they went for it!

“One week in and so far NO issues. We have left the Danes alone twice. First time was 10 mins and last night about 20 mins. Baby steps. Obi is learning commands and how to walk on a leash without pulling. He still doesn’t understand he can go outside when he wants without asking. I have had him off leash in the front yard . He stays right next to me once he realizes we are not going for a ride.”

Stevie and Bodie

Stevie and Bodie

The Cook family sent us this cute photo of their rescue Danes Stevie and her younger “brother” Bodie. Here is what Gayle wrote to us:

“Butt to Butt. This rarely happens as Stevie doesnt like to cuddle with Bodie. He annoys her (other than in the car when they are always touching).
She craves human cuddling though!.”

These Great Danes are so lucky to be in the home they are!

Winchester Update

We received these great photos from Jeanette on her boy Winchester. Here is what she wrote to us:

“Sorry it’s been awhile! Just checking in to say Winchester is doing well!
He had many issues but we got with an excellent trainer and we have been diligent with daily training instilling rules, boundaries and lessons since August. He has gained so much confidence and his anxiety and reactivity is so much better.
He has been quite a handful but is blossoming daily. He is just now realizing that he is home and has a loving family. His discovery of human touch and affectionately is now expected and he loves cuddling. To watch his daily transformations have been rewarding. It has been a long and dedicated journey since August but he is so worth it. His entire demeanor and attitude has changed and he is such a loving goofball.
Here are some pictures of him!
Hope all is well with you! Happy Holidays!”


Tucker Update

Tucker Update

An update from Alysicia on her second adopted senior Dane. Unlike so many, it’s the quality of time, not the quantity of time you have with a Dane in need. Here’s what she wrote:

I wanted to give you a quick update. Tucker is doing great and we adore him everyday. Thank you again.
Have a safe, happy holiday.
Alysicia and family

Moose at Christmas

Moose at Christmas

Maureen, a long time adopter of our rescued Danes (four times to be precise!) sent us this update on her boy Moose. Her family is never focused on age or color or size, but rather just wanting a Dane with a good temperament and to provide him/her a loving home. Thank you Maureen and the whole Mason family, we wish we could clone you and your family! Here is her update:

“Moose is doing great- he loves going for a ride. We started taking him once in a while so he’d be used to riding to the vet. Now he’s ready to go every day, anywhere. He a very good guy in the vehicle so now that it’s cooler he gets to go more. I’m sure we’ll be sorry come warm weather.
He’s in great health. We had a little scare in June- a mass started forming under his jaw. You can just guess what was going through my mind given our history but fortunately it was only a foxtail! Quick recovery.

All our best, Moose and the rest of the Masons”

Whiskey Blue Update

Whiskey Blue Update

Whisky Blue was adopted as a private adoption due to all the shut downs with covid. Maggie was patiently waiting on out adopter’s list and finally won the lotto on this boy. Here’s her update on Whiskey.

“Happy Holidays! Thought I’d update you on our beautiful boy He’s 150 lbs now Whisky had a session with a trainer and he is doing great with sit, down and stay. Still working on the growling but he’s doing better.
He’s having anal gland issues with one infection and is going through a second round of antibiotics. Hoping pumpkin will help add fiber and clear it up. If you have suggestions, let me know.
He loves going to school. Today was the second to last day before winter break. We were twins for the student materials pick up. He was such a good sport and the kids (and parents) loved seeing him! I have no doubt our twin wardrobe will expand! Thank you Karen for being a wonderful matchmaker!

Hope all is well with you. Have a great holiday.”


Update on Kevin

Update on Kevin

We got this nice update from Kika on her Dane boy Kevin:

“I just wanted to say hello and send some photos of our sweet Kevin. It’s been a year since we brought him home and I’m so happy we did. We love him very much and he has a very happy life.

Kevin actually has his own couch that he usually sleeps on until about 6 in the morning when he “sneaks” into our bed and cuddles up next to me. I had every intention of keeping him out of the bed and off the furniture, but he’s just too darling and loves being comfy…so it didn’t take long for me to give in. He still romps around the yard and loves his aussie sister, Koda. They play constantly and have even started cuddling together in the last few months. Thank you so much for the work you do, and for bringing us Kevin. I couldn’t love him more; I try not to let the other dogs know he’s my favorite 😊.”

Merry Christmas!
Kika, Kevin and Family

Salinas Harlequin Has Transport!

Thanks to the Rice family, who stepped up to volunteer to pick up the boy at the Salinas shelter. We were overwhelmed with great Great Dane people willing to drive. It is so nice to see what a generous, caring Dane community we have out there. A HUGE thanks to all who volunteered to help! We love you!!

Transportation Needed

There is a sweet two year old Harlequin Great Dane boy in the Salinas shelter who needs out! He is available to us on December 26th or after. We are looking for someone or someones to help transport this boy to Fairfield and we will bring him “home” from there. If you are interested in a road trip this Christmas season, please email Colleen at Thank you in advance for your help bringing this sad Harlequin to a safe harbor.