Dory (formerly Dolly) update

Dory (formerly Dolly) update

Here is a nice update on Dory from her owner Maureen:

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“Dory is doing great. She and I are close friends. Dory is getting better around Gary and makes sure to get a pet from him each night but still skitters away half the time when he tries to pet her any other time. Ryan on the other hand is still working hard to gain her trust. Even though he gives Dory a treat every day she still jumps away from him whenever she sees him. She does take the treat now so that’s a little progress.

When we go for our twice daily walks she runs and runs so I guess she likes the open spaces.

Gary welded a special eating and watering station so we’ve gotten over her not eating. Maybe it was the enclosed porch that bothered her. As soon as we moved feeding to the side porch outside she was fine.

All in all Dory is doing fine although we have to work on her shying away from everyone.”

Merry Christmas with love,


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