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Goose & Harley

Goose & Harley

An update from Jill on her recent adoption of Goose:
He’s doing much better! Routine is definitely a life-saver. 🙂 He sleeps on the floor next to Harley in our room and visits my daughter’s room during the day. He loves his morning walks and eats immediately now. He is still cautious around my husband and son, but he’s coming around. He would rather play with humans than Harley, but I’m assuming that will just take more time. 

Lucy and Lily

Two years ago, Lucy was a foster puppy turned adoption after she completely stole the hearts of all the members of her foster family.

Early, we could tell Lucy and Lily would be good friends.

Little did we know they would become BEST friends.

We are forever grateful to Lucy’s original owner, who obviously loved her a great deal, for surrendering her so she could become a member of our family.  We all adore her and to be quite honest, she runs our place 🙂


Jax and Jonnie

Our special thanks to Jonnie who stepped up to help with a surrender named Doc. She took him into her home until we were able to get him vetted. He is now vaccinated & neutered and found his forever home with Jonnie. Here’s what she shared.

Hello Karen and Colleen. I just wanted to give you an update on Doc who we now have decided to call Jax. He is doing well. We enjoy him so much. When I get off work I can’t wait to see him and like wise. He is bonding well with the family and when my grandson visits he is very gentle ( excited but gentle) he’s better with potting but we are still working on it. We go for walks on the trail and he is doing great! So much less pulling. In fact the last walk he didn’t pull at all! He makes me laugh all of the time. I appreciate you for working with us to find this guy! Thank you so much.

Nicholas and Elliot

Nicholas and Elliot

An update on Nicholas, who was adopted in 2020.

Nicholas…has become my mom’s best friend. He follows her everywhere and likes to jump up on her, which is a funny sight considering he is so tall. We think he probably has grown even more since we got him. He has been the best thing that has happened to my family since quarantine. Thank you so much for trusting us with him!! I am sorry we have not been more responsive, but I just wanted to let you know he is safe and SO happy. He and Elliot (together in photo) get along so well.


Jasper In His New Home

Jasper In His New Home

Here is a nice update on the gorgeous boy Jasper from his mothers!

“Jasper continues to thrive with us. He is still super into food but we are managing (threat of spray bottles help, sometimes we give him a Kong with peanut butter so he’s distracted when we eat a meal).

We can even walk him to the car for a ride, get the mail, bring in the garbage cans with him out front and he’s happy as a clam to just hang with us out front like that. We are taking baby steps – bringing some small treats on walks to teach him “come” etc.

He sleeps like a champ! He and the cat Dexter still don’t see eye to eye so not sure that will ever resolve itself. He is definitely a good potty boy, no accidents in the house. He scratches at the door when he wants out. It’s funny but he’s really not very interested in other dogs, which is nice. We walk him 2-3 times per day and he likes it. But he likes coming home after a walk and getting a meal! LOL

We can tell he loves us!”

Take care,
Jill & Gloria

Daisy In Her New Home

Daisy In Her New Home

Daisy was a private adoption on our site. Her new owner, Laurie, sent us this update.
Thanks to Laurie for the update but most importantly, adopting Daisy!

“Daisy loves everybody! She’s made herself at home, but does get nervous if her person (whoever’s in the room with her) leaves the room. We are working on basic commands and taking lots of long walks.”

Hagrid In His New Home

Hagrid In His New Home

Hagrid has found a wonderful home with Alysicia who has adopted two seniors thru us. She reached out earlier asking is she could be on a waitlist for a puppy (which we never get in).
She felt her girls now are older and were ready to help with a younger Dane. I don’t think Hagrid was the puppy she had in mind but I had to ask. She has experience, patience and a household of girls!, Just what this little guy needed, and she said YES! Here’s Hagrid’s update:

“The girls are in love because he Hagrid pays more attention to them than Tucker does. Tucker likes him but is still trying to figure him out because Hagrid is so exuberant when he plays and has been circling around inside the house checking everything out.
Tucker gets to walk the property off leash but I’m keeping Hagrid on leash for the longer walks at the moment so I can introduce him to all of the livestock and new sights/smells in a controlled way. He’s going to do great.”

Obi In His New Home

Ken and Connie adopted Obi in December and just sent us an update.
After losing their beloved Breck, they noticed Paisley (whom they adopted thru us) was depressed. Could we find another Dane for them? Along came Obi, a private adoption, and they went for it!

“One week in and so far NO issues. We have left the Danes alone twice. First time was 10 mins and last night about 20 mins. Baby steps. Obi is learning commands and how to walk on a leash without pulling. He still doesn’t understand he can go outside when he wants without asking. I have had him off leash in the front yard . He stays right next to me once he realizes we are not going for a ride.”

Stevie and Bodie

Stevie and Bodie

The Cook family sent us this cute photo of their rescue Danes Stevie and her younger “brother” Bodie. Here is what Gayle wrote to us:

“Butt to Butt. This rarely happens as Stevie doesnt like to cuddle with Bodie. He annoys her (other than in the car when they are always touching).
She craves human cuddling though!.”

These Great Danes are so lucky to be in the home they are!

Winchester Update

We received these great photos from Jeanette on her boy Winchester. Here is what she wrote to us:

“Sorry it’s been awhile! Just checking in to say Winchester is doing well!
He had many issues but we got with an excellent trainer and we have been diligent with daily training instilling rules, boundaries and lessons since August. He has gained so much confidence and his anxiety and reactivity is so much better.
He has been quite a handful but is blossoming daily. He is just now realizing that he is home and has a loving family. His discovery of human touch and affectionately is now expected and he loves cuddling. To watch his daily transformations have been rewarding. It has been a long and dedicated journey since August but he is so worth it. His entire demeanor and attitude has changed and he is such a loving goofball.
Here are some pictures of him!
Hope all is well with you! Happy Holidays!”