Levi and Gideon

Levi and Gideon

We’re thrilled to get this fabulous update from Levi and Gideon’s family:

“These two big male Danes are gentle giants.  They love each other, and are deeply imprinted.  We’ve watched them change each other.  It’s been amazing.  They play rough, wrestle hard, and have zero negative altercations.  Levi takes toys right out of Gideon’s mouth, and Gideon isn’t the slightest bit bothered by it.  Gideon has been the most flexible, accepting dog you could possibly imagine.  No jealousy…and no reaction at all to having a big, crazy new buddy in the house.  No reaction except love.

They have separate beds, but never sleep apart.  Levi still suffers from a little bit of separation anxiety, but we are working our way through that, and he’s gotten much better.  

We’ve also started introducing Levi to other dogs.  He’s now perfectly comfortable with my parent’s 40 lb. rat terrier.  And my brother was recently in town with a pair of Ridgeback puppies and he did great with them.  “

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