Memorial for Missy Mittens

Elaina Hernandez is a long long time rescue dane owner and volunteer for our organization.  Here is what she wrote about her recent loss of her girl Missy:
On November 3 2023 we had to send Missy Mittens aka our Big Head over the Rainbow Bridge. She had all her favorite people around her when she took her journey. Our Doggy Daycare Owner and Trainer who we call our Mama Wolf, her Auntie Maureen who would being her home from daycare since week 1 she came home to us. Her favorite cousin  Karista who she spent Saturdays on the couch with. And myself at our fabulous Vet Hospital Toro Park with Dr Rockwood.
March 14th the Saturday before SIP started Big Head (2 years old) had her freedom ride home to us. She came home to 2 hairless cats and a little brother Ricky the Pomsky.
Lucky for Big Head her Dad and I are essential workers for our local Emergency Department.  Big Head immediately started going to Daycare which after about 6 months  she started going alone and tolerating it well.  The first month this poor girl was climbing the walls trying to get out of there due to her Littermate Syndrone which includes or adds to her separation anxiety.
Big Head is the first Dane from Rescue that I have had to learn and work with her and our village to manage her anxiety.  From help with our Vet with medications to working with our trainer from the first week she came home. Her separation anxiety was SO bad that I have invested into an Impact Crate(amazing) for her and her safety. Her anxiety wouldn’t allow me leave with our other dog Ricky she would freak out hysterically.  The last 1.5 years kinda got better for us but she still had her bad days.
Big Head for sure taught me SO much now about Littermate Syndrone and Separation Anxiety
Big Head also was the FREINDLIEST Dane from Rescue I have ever owned. She had to say hello to people on our walks. She was great with kids and this was the first for us as well with our Dane rescues. So our neice and  nephews were so happy to be able to meet and enjoy her time when she visited them our her Nana’s house.(husband’s mom)
Even though we dealt with Big Head’s anxiety.  This Big girl the first year  home with us and all our  training she tested passed her
1.AKC Canine Good Citizen
2. AKC Community Canine
3. Urban Canine Good Citizen
 At age 4 she was diagnosed with Thyroid and Back disease. The last 6 months she had urine incontinence and back leg weakness. And a smile on her face til we said goodbye
Big Head will SO be missed BUT ways remembered
R.I.P Missy Mittens
November 11, 2017 – November 3rd, 2023
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