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Rufus (Murray) and Zoey (Penelope) At It Again

September 14, 2014

Here is another update from Rufus and Zoey’s new mom Rita: “Here are my little love lumps!  I’ve discovered we have lots in common–throw pillows, dried flower arrangements and magazines.  But we like doing different things with them!  The pillows have become decorations for my yard (see photo attached)  I came home to find potpourri […]

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September 3, 2014

We apologize to the nice Morrison family, John and Linda.  They adopted Kennedy and came to realize I was NOT exaggerating about his energy level.    A few days after taking him home, he ate the bandage off his injured tail.  Back he came to us awaiting emergency surgery.  Luckily he passed the bandage overnight in […]

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Murray and Penelope

September 3, 2014

Our long-time adopter and supporter of Rescue, Rita Waterman, came to see one Great Dane and ended up taking home two.  (We warned her!)  Below is what Rita wrote a few days after the adoption.  We thought it was good reading and lets people know that every adoption requires some amount of work and settling in.  […]

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September 2, 2014

Our own Lori Lynne and Eric’s “Priscilla”, whom they adopted through Rescue, is currently having some “technical difficulties” with her mobility.  In an effort to give her the best quality of life while she recovers, Lori Lynne and Eric  take Priscilla around their property in her own cart while they do their chores.  Never one […]

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Tired of Summer?  Autumn Just Around the Bend!

Tired of Summer? Autumn Just Around the Bend!

August 15, 2014

Wonderful photo of Jessie, Tyler and Duke from Karen Martin’s album.  All these beautiful Danes have passed on, but we remember them fondly.

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Sisters Rachel and Penny

August 12, 2014

Remember those two cute puppies we had up for adoption with their parents months ago?  (one can still be seen running with a green ball in her mouth at the top of our website.  Well, here are the latest photos of these cute sisters. “Rachel” Blanton “Penny” Wetmore      

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Perdita in her new home with Pug brother

Perdita in her new home with Pug brother

August 6, 2014


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