Stella, Ellie and the Injured Deer

We recently received this photo from Jill and Ron who adopted Stella and Ellie from us. Here is the accompanying text:

“Oh! I wanted to tell you the girls were playing in the yard and my husband Ron notice that all of a sudden there were three animals, instead of the two. He looked closer aand realized it was a deer! The deer was clearly not enjoying the “fun” as the girls were. He was just their size too! Ron got the girls inside the house and called the wildlife rescue who came out and collected the injured deer. It was quite the neighborhood excitement though. All the neighbors were lined up along our fence as the event unfolded.”

We asked for further clarification from Jill as to whom injured the deer….the girls or something else. Ron said the girls were trying to play nicely with an already injured deer. Good to know!

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