We Are Compiling a List of Drivers

Occasionally, Great Dane Rescue will ask for help in transporting a Great Dane in need of rescuing from a location in Northern California. We were thinking to start the new year off right, we would be proactive and compile a list of volunteers who have expressed an interest in helping with transportation. If you would like to be added to our list, please email Colleen at cleahy1955@yahoo.com with the time/days that you might be able to help transport. For example: ;”I am free weekends only” or “I can transport during the week, but only in the afternoons”, etc. The second part of this query is; what is your territory? We have dogs that need to go from Granite Bay to Reno on occasion. Is this a route you could drive? We also have dogs that need to be transported from the Central CA area or from somewhere in the Bay Area. Is this a route you could drive? Be specific on where you could pick up a dog and how far you could transport that dog. The ultimate destination is Granite Bay. If you are added to our list you might be contacted to help with transport, which you could either accept or decline. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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