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Urgent foster care needed!

Urgent foster care needed!
 I know, not a Dane!,  but this really good dog desperately needs help.
I’d love to bring some attention to brilliant, energetic Dog the Bounty Hunter!
Lovingly referred to as Dog and Bounty!
Dog is an active, smart, loving neutered male Mal Mix that is 3 years old.
He has been at Placer County Animal Services in Auburn, CA for about 170+ days.
Dog is an incredibly brilliant (what Mal isn’t), active boy who would make a wonderful addition to any active home with a family experienced with Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds. While he is an active guy who requires mental stimulation, he is also a big lover who has no qualms snuggling up with his human!
Some fun tid bits about Dog is that he LOVES water and car rides! His favorite parts of his time in the shelter have been his Doggy Day Out’s (DDO’s) for trips to the river! Along with loving river water, he is a PRO at bath time!!  He is very loyal to those who he has deemed his people and will recall when asked! He is a gentle boy who has allowed belly rubs from kids he’s met at shelter events and has always been very affectionate with the public, staff and volunteers! Dog is also a very potty-trained boy! He can and will hold it even in his “outside space” of his kennel unless absolutely necessary!
Other quirks to know about Dog is that with his incredible agility, he has learned how to hop even 6-foot fences! So what ever furever home he ends up at will need to ensure he is incredibly secure before being left alone! Another quirk is that Dog has, that is very common for the breed, is a very high prey drive! Dog seems to prefer the company of humans and is also a bit dog selective; however, he could potentially do well with a larger dog with proper, slow introductions.
Dog would ideally be best suited in an active home as an only dog with no small or farm animals with someone well versed in high-energy, working-breed dogs.
Volunteers with the shelter have pledged money to a rescue able to take Dog in.
We also have transport available within a few hours of Auburn, CA to get him to Foster.
I interested in even a short-term foster please contact us at cleahy1955@yahoo/com

A Huge Thank You To Our Donors!

We recently had two Danes (Zeus) and Bell) who rn up huge bills at the ER when we rushed theme in because they both caught three viruses from where??  Bell went to the ER i next and ]her bill was $12k, then Zeus followed, and his bill was ONLY $6k.  Both Danes recovered and found great new homes.


We mention this just to let our donors know that we would not have been able to save their lives without our amazing donors. Every dollar goes to help the Danes in our care, so THANK YOU all for making it possible for us to do this.

EUGENE – Private Adoption

Eugene is a four year old merle male.  Neutered and current on vaccinations.  Housebroken and sweet.  Pulls a bit on leash but not badly.  He need a new home because the other Dane male he lives with says two Dane males in the home is not his preference!  SO Eugene would like a home with a sweet female as a buddy.  Eugene lives in Perris,CA.  No children or cat experience.  If interested in Eugene please contact us at [email protected]



This very eye catching tall black male Dane is Napoleon! We just had him neutered and his stomach tacked. Current on vaccinations and housebroken. Needs lots of love and closeness. He just gets attached super quickly. If you are sitting down he is right there to keep you company.

He was given up because his owner became homeless. He is in foster care now with two other dogs (one is Ginger who is also on our site) and an older male mixed breed boy. He is also living with a cat in foster and lived with cats in his original home He is great meeting people and loves car rides. His owner took him to church and restaurants with her so he is very well socialized. He is coming up on two years old this year. He is used to being around children 4 years of age and up, and a parrot too. Good meeting other dogs. If interested in this sweet black male, please contact us at [email protected] More photos coming soon!

Piper Loves Her New Home and more importantly they love her!

What a wonderful mailing from Elizabeth. Piper was adopted as a very stubborn puppy. Elizabeth wasn’t sure she made the right decision, but fortunately stuck with it. With the guidance of a good trainer and the whole family committed, there was a success!

“Hi, Hope this email finds you all well. Just wanted to send a few pics of Piper. She is doing amazing and becoming the sweetest little
Lady ❤️”

Nice Message From Finn’s New Mom

“I can’t even express how well Finn fits into our family. My other Dane and Finn get along wonderfully. He is so happy. We love him. Thank you for your matchmaking and doing your great heartfelt work.”

This is why we do Rescue work. This gorgeous def Dane puppy is now a cherished dmember of his new family.
Thank you so very much Dayna for taking a chance on a deaf Dane! Finn is snow Koda!


Lucky (formerly Thomas) with his Dad

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Annie Update

Thanks to Annie’s owner, Todd Hunter for sending us this beautiful photo of his girl Annie. Annie came in with what w assume was her daughter from the Yuba shelter. Both were found as strays but both had such good dispositions!

Otto Standing Guard

Otto Standing Guard

Otto, formerly Gus, checking out the traffic in front of his new home. Thanks to Judith for taking a chance on a boy from a shelter with no known background.