Brina’s owners, Andrew and Glen, sent us these sweet photos with the note below:

“It’s been 6 months since we brought Brina into our pack. At first I have to admit, I was wondering if it was going to work out. There were days she would pee in the house, opening doors trying to escape, skittish about certain things and then through patience and lots of love, we can say she is acclimated to our life. She and Harvey are two peas in a pod. I often wonder how we got along with just Harvey.
She loves the dog park, especially showing off her skills running. She also loves laying on her bed in front of the fireplace on a cold night. She loves sneaking into bed and keep it it warm for us.
There are still some things to work on, like her fear of water and pooping on the concrete right next to the grass. Alas we are patient and know it will all work out.
I guess the point of this email is to thank you for placing such a broken baby with so much potential in our loving home.”

Happy New Year!

Andrew and Glen Chadwell

This is a good narrative to read if you are considering adopting a rescued dog. Many people contact us wanting to adopt a “rescue”, but want that Dane to be totally trained, no issues, and fit seamlessly into their lives. They want to be able to say they adopted a “rescue”, but really don’t want to put in the work needed. Andrew and Glen, who previously had adopted Sabrina from us, knew the challenges but were up for the work it took to make their girl Brina the kind of dog they wanted (almost!). These are the kind of adopters we look for when placing a Dane in a new home. Are you up to the task??

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