Lucy – formerly Juno

Lucy – formerly Juno

Cassie Lowe and her family were on our wait list for over a year waiting for the perfect child friendly Great Dane. She adopted Juno, now Lucy, from us. Here is what she wrote us:

“She is settling into our family PERFECTLY! Every week we see fewer and fewer potty accidents so we know she’s feeling less anxious and settling in with us, too. She follows us around EVERYWHEEERRRRREE which we’ve learned to love about her 🤣

She is great with the kids. Our youngest, Patrick, especially loves to give her “lovies”. We’ve not had the experiences that the previous owners indicated to you: hole digging, barking incessantly, etc. … she’s truly a gem! Even more: she LOVES her den (crate). We haven’t figured out how to get her to STOP chewing up her dog beds, but that’s another journey…! LOL!

She seems to live to play with cannon (our other fur baby!). From the time they wake up to all moments they get in between, they are wrestling and playing! The kids think the way they run thru the house and crash into the walls as they run down the stairs is HILARIOUS!

After 2 kids- we are proud to say that LUCY is the first reason we’ve had to invest in baby gates! She stands so tall she can right to the food on the counter and baby’s high chair – Sooo- we’ve had to create some boundaries in that regard…easy peasy. Lol!

Anyway – thank you again for helping our family grow. Lucy is a joy and we are blessed to love her in this life. We are the lucky ones.

On the whole, Lucy is great. We’ve had one couch casualty since she’s been here – buuuuut, I guess it was time to upgrade anyway. She drinks from our bathroom faucet and mows they ice cubes. She is still learning how to watch out for people and not run us over and be right on top of our toes- but we know she’ll get there. ❤️

Attached is a fun video of Lucy enjoying water play more than the kids & a picture of she and Cannon cuddling…enjoy!”


A big thank you to Cassie for dealing with some issues with her new girl Lucy. We love people who stick out the honeymoon phase (which can be rough some times) and end up with a really great new family member.

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