Sage Update

Sage Update

Sage’s owner Cheryl, sent us this update on how Sage is doing in her new home:

“age is fitting in just great! Rowdy is so much happier and Sage seems happy too. I don’t think she is nearly as shy as described. She is responsive, playful and willing to explore. She is also fine with the cat (who runs the house)

Here are a few updates on Sage’s progress:

1) I took the Sage and Rowdy together for a short drive last night. Sage couldn’t wait to get into the car. Colleen had mentioned that one of her previous family’s complaints was that she wouldn’t get into the car. So far it hasn’t been a problem here, and the dogs were fine together.

2) When my daughter’s boyfriend came over, Sage was shy for about a minute before she ended up in his lap.

3) I did have to replace my TV remote. (Shame on me for leaving it out for a puppy to chew!) At least she didn’t swallow any of it, and I learned my lesson.

Thank you for allowing us to adopt this sweet dog.”


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