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Kevin In His New Home

Kevin In His New Home

Narrative from Kevin’s new owners:

“First day: He has now met every one of his new family members and did absolutely amazing! He has surpassed every expectation,  we are already so in love!! I had no intention of introducing him to the goats yet, but he has been so perfect that I decided to give him the full tour. He thought about chasing them but as soon as I told him ‘No’ he came right back to my heal and just observed like a good boy. I can’t believe I was so lucky to end up with such a fabulous dog. Thank you so much for everything! I’ll keep you posted and send some pictures once power is restored.  One week later: My nephew just met Kevin, he thinks he’s the coolest thing ever (photo attached). The other photo is with me cuddling up with him. We’re keeping him off the furniture but I can’t help but curl up with him in his bed sometimes. I can honestly say I’m a much happier person now that Kevin is in our lives. We’re both amazed with how good of a dog he is. I feel bad that whoever had him before didn’t appreciate that,…it blows my mind. He’s very happy with us and has become my shadow. He and the aussie play and chase really well together. He and the pig are doing a pretty good job at figuring each other out. Kevin really wants to play with her and she’s teaching him about her limits.We are all so very happy, I already can’t imagine life with out him.”

We just love to get glowing reports like this, but then Kevin was a special boy!

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