Best Dog In The World

Best Dog In The World

Thanks to Julie Meyer, Maggie’s mother, for sending in this touching tribute to her girl. Maggie truely was the best dog in the world.

Maggie Meyer:       B: 12/15/12  D: 9/23/19

Where do I start when describing the years I’ve had with the most beautiful Dane ever? She came into our lives in the spring of 2015 and warmed our hearts with her sweet and mellow spirit. She loved everyone, human, canine, feline and equine.  I could trust her with all the animals and fowl on our little farm. 

She had the most strong devotion to me in particular, which I returned equally.

She was my best-est girl.

Maggie suffered from medical issues before and after I adopted her, she never let that her drag her down. Pneumonia almost took her from me not quite 2 years ago, but excellent vet care and her fighting spirt gave us this extra time. She was far too young to die from Lymphoma, and I will miss her always. My gratitude knows no limits to Colleen and Great Dane Rescue of Northern California- who supported Maggie and me unwaveringly through all her health issues.  

If the best dogs could live forever- she’d never have left me. 

Cause, she was the absolute Best.

Love you always my darling girl.

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