Sabrina’s fabulous family

Sabrina’s fabulous family

We received this wonderful note from Sabrina’s new family. All our thanks to Abe and Pritham (and Piper and Zack 🙂 for providing Sabrina such a fantastic new home!

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to let you know how well Sabrina is doing and send along a few photos. She gets along great with the other dogs; she loves patrolling and barking at things in the street with Piper the Cocker Spaniel and snuggling up with Zach the Husky. Her separation anxiety has also pretty much gone away, which I think is the result of her close bond with the other two. She’s the sweetest girl and we’re so thrilled she joined our family. We love her so much!

Thanks again for everything you do to rescue Great Danes!

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