Rest In Peace Sweet Jackson

Rest In Peace Sweet Jackson

Jackson as puppy

Our own Eric and Lori Lynne recently lost their beautiful senior Harlequin boy Jackson. Jackson was so very lucky to have lived a wonderful country life with the Todds and their other two rescued Danes, Lucy and Lily. We thank them both for giving Jackson a splendid long life. Here is what Eric wrote to us about his special son Jackson:

“We lost my nutty buddy, Jackson this week. Jackson came to us through the Great Dane Rescue of Northern California, as all of our Danes have, after his owner passed away. We had lost Linus only the week before and though it felt far too soon to adopt another, it also felt quite poetic, so we did. He was a skinny, little puppy and Colleen told us, “I doubt he’ll get very big.” He ended up being the largest Dane we have had and that combined with looking like an oversized Dalmatian, he always drew a crowd. He was a great friend to absolutely everyone, including the horses, the cats and certainly Lucy and Lily. He raised our cats from orphaned kittens and would spend hours playing with our pony Soleil. He never chewed anything or made a mess in the house or ever did anything wrong. Agnes Sligh Turnbull said it best, “Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.”
We laugh at our memories of his joyful nature, some of those shared here, and grieve his death. Goodbye sweet Jack. You are in our hearts.”

Photos below. Link to the video that always makes me laugh.

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