Brody’s big family

Brody’s big family
Brody is such a lucky boy! He now has a mom, dad and three canine brothers! Here’s a cute clip of him playing with brother Sam.
Thank you Mark & Nicole, you were exactly the type of home we were looking for — especially Brody!

Good Morning Karen!
Brody is doing really well. He is cueing off of Sam really nicely and they are having a blast playing together. He is falling into the new home and routine very nicely! He and the Great Pyrenees get along fabulously, but our old mutt doesn’t care one way or the other about him (which we expected). He is quite the little cuddler which we love 💕.
His paws are still giving him some problems, but we will of course keep on cleaning them and applying the spray. We should be able to get him into our vet here next week or so just to get him established, check up, microchip, etc.
Here’s a clip of them tearing around the yard. I joke that I am now the proud owner of two horses 😅. Plus here is one of a relaxed upside down tongue. He’s such a doll. We absolutely adore him. We’ll send more photos soon!

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