Athena’s a star !

Athena’s a star !
We received this fun update on the beautiful Athena !
Hi Karen and Colleen,
I hope you are both well. I have been keeping up to date with all the adoption updates on the GDRNC website and so happy to see all these Great Danes going to great homes.
I have some fun news. Our beautiful Athena, who we adopted about 2 years ago, was entered into a contest for a company that does custom sketches of real dogs and then puts these sketches on merchandise that they have on their website. They had a couple of different Great Danes already, but no merles. I entered Athena’s picture into the contest and now they have an entire line of Athena the Merle Great Dane items. I wanted to send you both a few of these items as they are really cute and you are the reason we have her in our lives.
Attached is the photo I submitted and the sketch they did of her (they even put hearts in her eyes 😍).
Thanks so much,

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