Blueberry – Private Adoption in Shelter



Blueberry is a 2 year old Pit/Possibly Great Dane mix.  She is in the Berkeley Animal Care Servi20150410_134240 J Blue shade (1)ces shelter and wants out!!  She is good with other dogs, but likes to play full out, so she may be too much for a dog that is not as into playing as she is.  She loves people and just wants to avoid being euthanized.  Who can blame her??

Here is a link below to her Facebook page, which has photos and all the details on how to adopt this cute girl.  If you aren’t in the market for a dog today, please at least send word out to friends and co-workers that Blueberry wants to live! and needs a new home.  I know Pits have a bad rap, but you know that is BS!  They are a great breed and this girl would make a great addition to a loving family.  Adults only please, as the shelter does not know her “children-status”.


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