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Maggie Is Gone

Maggie Is Gone

Please read the touching tribute we posted just previous to this from Maggie’s mom Julie.

Here is Maggie’s story:

Maggie came into rescue a dirty mess. Double ear infection, staph infection on her face and she required a complete mastectomy because of mammary tumors. We placed her in a home but when she, 7 months later, developed Canine Leproid Granuloma (CLG) she was returned. We spent months diagnosing/treating Maggie. During this time she endured countless biopsies, surgeries and vet visits, and never showed anything but a superlative temperament. Just a sweet, loving girl. The vet said amputating her ear (which was ground zero for the CLG) would be “curative”, meaning we could avoid months of antibiotics and topical medicines and all the vet visits if we removed the ear and the granulomas. So Maggie became the one eared Great Dane, but this never interfered with her good looks. Julie Meyer saw this one eared girl and recognized her inherent beauty and adopted Maggie. We thought Maggie was cured and would live a normal life after this, which is what we told Julie. We were wrong. About a month or so after her adoption, a new CLG lump appeared and continued to come and go throughout her life. She also developed allergies and was on allergy injections, as well as her horrific bout with pneumonia which Julie mentioned in her memorial. Throughout her time with Maggie, Julie accepted whatever came her way and just loved her girl. She never complained or blamed Rescue for adopting out this “lemon” of a dog. She just felt the joy of living with Maggie. When the lymphoma came on suddenly and virulently, we all hoped chemotherapy would help buy her some time. It really didn’t and Julie made the call to say goodbye to Maggie when she started to go downhill. I wish everyone could have met Maggie. I’m not exaggerating her status as Best Dog In The World. She really was. I cannot say enough good things about the angel known as Julie Meyer. 99% of people out there would not have suffered through all the medical problems Maggie had, but Julie did. My eternal thanks goes out to this amazing, wonderful woman. I will never forget Maggie and her example of what we all love about this special breed. Rest in peace sweet girl.

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LaLa Still Looking For A New Home!

LaLa Still Looking For A New Home!

LaLa is still looking for her forever home. Please go to the website to read about her and fill out an application. She’s a very sweet girl!

Foster Care Needed – Private

Lola is a tgree year old Great Dane/Staffordshire terrier mix. Spayed, current on vaccinations and housebroken. Her owner has lost her job and her home and is currently living with relatives who do not want a big dog in their home, so she is desperate to find a temporary foster home for Lola.
She is skittish at first meeting new people, men especially or people with hats or sunglasses, but warms up once she gets comfortable. Slow intro to new people is a must. She wants to be an only child as she is not comfortable with new dogs. She currently lives with two other dogs but she has known them her whole life so all is good. So Lola would need a foster home with no other pets. She is very sweet with her people but as we said previously, would take some time to get comfortable with a new family.

If interested in finding out more about Lola or meeting her please contact her owner Carly at (909) 496-9641.

Logan – Therapy Dog?

Logan – Therapy Dog?

Nice note and cute photos of special boy Logan!

“I am so excited I just had to share with you. As you know I have turn Logan into quite the social butterfly! We go to the bank, post office and have now been to the local Police station to visit.

When we were at the bank last week this women ran up to me and said here I had these business cards made up just for you! Our local non profit organization wants to know if you would be interested in joining our Pet Therapy Team with Logan? We see you walk him all over Auburn and everyone knows about Logan! He would be perfect. He will need to go through their certification program in order to get his big blue vest but will be a therapy dog! Who the heck ever knew I would do this with him?

They would have us go to assisting living facilities, retirement homes, and god for bid a tragic event happens (like school shooting) they would have therapy dogs brought in.

I think he is ready, we have some issues but more that will come with maturity than bad behavior. But we’re going to give it a try.

Just couldn’t wait to share with you! Thank you for this beautiful big boy, he has really changed my life and so much for the better!!”

Laura McNicholas

ps. pics are Logan at the police station and his local bank buddy Christine.


Missing Leo

Missing Leo

Our condolences to the Mason family on the sudden loss of their very special boy, Leo. Leo was just five years old when he passed and Maureen had adopted him from Rescue approximately two years ago. Leo came into foster care with Karen in Reno weighing just 95 lbs. He was a sad, skinny boy. Karen got him up to 108 lbs on a special diet. He never seemed to be able to surpass this weight. The doctor did numerous testing on Leo to try to explain his weight, but nothing came back abnormal. But this did not stop Maureen Mason from adopting him. She saw past his weight and loved the wonderful boy inside.

Prior to his passing, Leo was diagnosed with Addison’s disease and unfortunately stopped eating, and a day and a half later passed. He was happy and active in his loving home for almost two years.

To add to their sadness, the family had recently lost their other Dane, Bella Katie, to heart failure at the age of seven. Katie was a shy girl that flourished under Maureen’s care. She was loved and cherished for almost three years by the Masons.

This is a special family that loves Danes, and are willing to go the extra mile for a Dane that need a home. Maureen said this is the first time in many years they are dog-less.

Photos Below:
Leo in foster care.

Bella Katie

Leo and Bella Meeting

Cleo Curtis

Cleo Curtis

Just could not resist posting this cute photo of Cleo. Thanks to Ellie Curtis for allowing me to post this. It seems Cleo just assumed this position in the car one day and now it is normal to her! (Just heard that Cleo’s Mom Ellie is today graduating from Montana State. Congratulations!)

Tired Skinny Clifford

Clifford’s Mom Sherri sent this short movie and note from her boy Clifford:

“I’m SO tired from our walk that the beach on the way back isn’t doing it for me. I just want to go to the car!”

(I begin to feel that some Rescue Danes get to do more fun things than some people do!)


Dog Party!

Dog Party!

First they play with an injured deer, and now Stella and Ellie have many new canine friends. (I guess they will play with any species…) Here is the continuing saga of Stella and Ellie. (Thanks to Jill and Ron for these great photos).

“Today’s walk was more fun than expected. We met Piper, the black and white Great Dane, who we played and ran with a bit. They all got along great. Then three other dogs showed up and everyone gets along great. Then another dog show up and he joins in too. We had one big play date! Everyone got along and had so much fun but the best part is we all walked there so we all live close and can get together again. We had all met at the high school. What fun! I’m so proud of the girls and so pleased they are sociable. Anyway, that’s this mornings excitement”

Zeus – Private Adoption

Zeus – Private Adoption

Zeus is a 5 1/2 year old very playful Great Dane, neutered male.  His owners are having financial issues and can no longer care for Zeus.  He would like to be an only dog, adults only please.  No cat experience.  Housebroken and loving.  If interested in more information about Zeus, contact Anthony at [email protected].  This is a Private Adoption.  There is no adoption fee for Zeus.zeus

Blueberry – Private Adoption in Shelter



Blueberry is a 2 year old Pit/Possibly Great Dane mix.  She is in the Berkeley Animal Care Servi20150410_134240 J Blue shade (1)ces shelter and wants out!!  She is good with other dogs, but likes to play full out, so she may be too much for a dog that is not as into playing as she is.  She loves people and just wants to avoid being euthanized.  Who can blame her??

Here is a link below to her Facebook page, which has photos and all the details on how to adopt this cute girl.  If you aren’t in the market for a dog today, please at least send word out to friends and co-workers that Blueberry wants to live! and needs a new home.  I know Pits have a bad rap, but you know that is BS!  They are a great breed and this girl would make a great addition to a loving family.  Adults only please, as the shelter does not know her “children-status”.