Missing Leo

Missing Leo

Our condolences to the Mason family on the sudden loss of their very special boy, Leo. Leo was just five years old when he passed and Maureen had adopted him from Rescue approximately two years ago. Leo came into foster care with Karen in Reno weighing just 95 lbs. He was a sad, skinny boy. Karen got him up to 108 lbs on a special diet. He never seemed to be able to surpass this weight. The doctor did numerous testing on Leo to try to explain his weight, but nothing came back abnormal. But this did not stop Maureen Mason from adopting him. She saw past his weight and loved the wonderful boy inside.

Prior to his passing, Leo was diagnosed with Addison’s disease and unfortunately stopped eating, and a day and a half later passed. He was happy and active in his loving home for almost two years.

To add to their sadness, the family had recently lost their other Dane, Bella Katie, to heart failure at the age of seven. Katie was a shy girl that flourished under Maureen’s care. She was loved and cherished for almost three years by the Masons.

This is a special family that loves Danes, and are willing to go the extra mile for a Dane that need a home. Maureen said this is the first time in many years they are dog-less.

Photos Below:
Leo in foster care.

Bella Katie

Leo and Bella Meeting

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