Logan – Therapy Dog?

Logan – Therapy Dog?

Nice note and cute photos of special boy Logan!

“I am so excited I just had to share with you. As you know I have turn Logan into quite the social butterfly! We go to the bank, post office and have now been to the local Police station to visit.

When we were at the bank last week this women ran up to me and said here I had these business cards made up just for you! Our local non profit organization wants to know if you would be interested in joining our Pet Therapy Team with Logan? We see you walk him all over Auburn and everyone knows about Logan! He would be perfect. He will need to go through their certification program in order to get his big blue vest but will be a therapy dog! Who the heck ever knew I would do this with him?

They would have us go to assisting living facilities, retirement homes, and god for bid a tragic event happens (like school shooting) they would have therapy dogs brought in.

I think he is ready, we have some issues but more that will come with maturity than bad behavior. But we’re going to give it a try.

Just couldn’t wait to share with you! Thank you for this beautiful big boy, he has really changed my life and so much for the better!!”

Laura McNicholas

ps. pics are Logan at the police station and his local bank buddy Christine.


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