Maggie Is Gone

Maggie Is Gone

Please read the touching tribute we posted just previous to this from Maggie’s mom Julie.

Here is Maggie’s story:

Maggie came into rescue a dirty mess. Double ear infection, staph infection on her face and she required a complete mastectomy because of mammary tumors. We placed her in a home but when she, 7 months later, developed Canine Leproid Granuloma (CLG) she was returned. We spent months diagnosing/treating Maggie. During this time she endured countless biopsies, surgeries and vet visits, and never showed anything but a superlative temperament. Just a sweet, loving girl. The vet said amputating her ear (which was ground zero for the CLG) would be “curative”, meaning we could avoid months of antibiotics and topical medicines and all the vet visits if we removed the ear and the granulomas. So Maggie became the one eared Great Dane, but this never interfered with her good looks. Julie Meyer saw this one eared girl and recognized her inherent beauty and adopted Maggie. We thought Maggie was cured and would live a normal life after this, which is what we told Julie. We were wrong. About a month or so after her adoption, a new CLG lump appeared and continued to come and go throughout her life. She also developed allergies and was on allergy injections, as well as her horrific bout with pneumonia which Julie mentioned in her memorial. Throughout her time with Maggie, Julie accepted whatever came her way and just loved her girl. She never complained or blamed Rescue for adopting out this “lemon” of a dog. She just felt the joy of living with Maggie. When the lymphoma came on suddenly and virulently, we all hoped chemotherapy would help buy her some time. It really didn’t and Julie made the call to say goodbye to Maggie when she started to go downhill. I wish everyone could have met Maggie. I’m not exaggerating her status as Best Dog In The World. She really was. I cannot say enough good things about the angel known as Julie Meyer. 99% of people out there would not have suffered through all the medical problems Maggie had, but Julie did. My eternal thanks goes out to this amazing, wonderful woman. I will never forget Maggie and her example of what we all love about this special breed. Rest in peace sweet girl.

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